Futian cemetery

Yesterday, Babaoshan people’s cemetery, an old tomb Tomb of the body has been broken. The Beijing News i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes reporter yinyafei perturbation Beijing News yesterday was the first day of the Qingming holiday, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people travel grave and flocks of old tomb unmanned sweep. Some buried decades of tombstone, some almost collapsed, the tomb itself has some faults. The Beijing News reporter yesterday from Beijing people Babaoshan cemetery was informed that the cemetery more than 60000 tombstone, there are 3 million 7 thousand tomb has expired, which contains a large number of unmanned sweep the tomb. Beijing City Civil Affairs Bureau has issued a document that, for the traditional Tomb of the lease contract expires, should carry out ecological transformation section in a proper way. However, how do these unmanned sweep of the old tomb, the grave blind spot. At the cemetery tombstone can not contact the families of "comrades, we have to renew this tomb?" Yesterday morning,
Chris Paul Shoes in people Babaoshan cemetery business hall, the 72 year old Lily specifically
Dennis Rodman Shoes from the United States hurried back to Beijing to the grave, and to the staff about the old tomb renewal. Reporter from the Beijing buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online City Cemetery learned that after the media reported that Beijing implement eco funeral, traditional cave i like air max shoes tomb due in principle not renew the news, many peop
Mens Amare Stoudemire Shoes Grey Yellowle came to ask. Li Li told reporters, the back is to look at the tomb of the parents how to deal with, can renew on the renewal, cannot relet also accept the transformation. "In any case, I know this thing is to come back. After the transformation can long-term custody, I feel good." However, in addition to Li Li take the initiative to contact the cemetery, there are some long time not contact the families of the tombstone. People Babaoshan cemetery spokesman Xiao Feng
http://www.cogito.nu/ledare/gront-men-inte-illgront Ni told reporters that some in the 1990s was buried tombstone, leave the family phone is 6 digits of the fixed telephone, "we have also tried according to the left side of the address to contact the owner of the tomb families, most of the replacement of the residence." Babaoshan has a 37 thousand maturity tomb Beijing cemetery for a term of 20 years, a general renewal can be prolonged to 10 years. According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, from the beginning of 2013, Beijing ushered in the peak of maturity of 20 years cemetery lease, Beijing 33 operating cemetery, including Babao Shan people’s cemetery, Wan An cemetery, Prince Valley cemetery, Futian cemetery, Badaling people’s cemetery and, are facing a lot of tombstone due. Only Babaoshan people’s cemetery, as of now, there are about 37000 due to the grave. For no one sweep of the old tomb, said Xiao Feng Ni, Babaoshan will do on the eve buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of the annual Qingming some cleaning and repair work, but the lesion more serious tombstone, because it involves the remains or ashes of the dead, no big repair. "Countries do not have a policy explicitly to not renew or contact not family cemetery on i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes how to dispose of, the cemetery and is related to the deceased, cemetery management department is difficult to take what measures." Ni Xiaofeng said, in this tomb, only to make it occupied, but. Visit people Babaoshan buy air max shoes online cemetery many gravestones fracture or soil was buried yesterday morning, in people Babaoshan cemetery district
Amare Stoudemire Shoes on the eastern side of a cemetery, the reporter saw a stand in 1959 the tombstone, monument has been broken, the subject of the monument had also collapsed, the tombstone is leaves and soil dust concealed, seems to have many years no one sweep. In this area, most of the tombstone has been broken