from Jingmen the 8yearold boy Ken Wang successfully accepted the cochlear implant

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Nike Free Run 3 Men Shoes Online Sale the Department of ENT of our hospital. Small Wang Gan birth eight years ago looks and other children not what strange, but when the other children have begun to babble, he has been slow to open, to the hospital for an examination found is very severe sensorineural deafness. Can not hear, can not accept the language information, it will not speak,
Nike Free Run 2 Women Shoes Online Sale unless the cochlear implant. At that time the cochlear implant surgery in the country has only started soon, and the cost is expensive, Wang Gan’s parents can not afford, the first to wear a hearing aid, while receiving language training. Due to the hearing aid is suitable for or severe deafness, of very severe deafness effect is not ideal. Therefore, small Wang Gan to now will only say simple words, the lack of communication, the character becomes stubborn, parents finally painful be determined, be sure to give him a cochlear implant surgery. Now, he finally stepped out of the first step in the world of silence, successfully accepted.