friends Hu Jiahe in the Yuyao forum posting Tucao: the new semester just started second days

recently, friends Hu Jiahe in the Yuyao forum posting Tucao: the new semester just started second days, some students because the job is
not completed, in the morning was the teacher fined and take photos, photos are also teachers uploaded to Disposable e cigarette the parents of micro channel group. it has caused a heated discussion among netizens, we have gotten the dissent. most users believe that will hurt the child selfesteem users who oppose the views of the teacher, the teacher does not have any effect on the child’s learning, but will hurt the child’s selfesteem. user long skirt, said, this is not very good. My daughter’s ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA school, all the students after the examination results are not open to their parents. How their children do, parents call to ask the teacher. p users sword Jiangnan said micro channel group is also regarded as public, E-CIGARETTE CHINA students didn’t finish his homework can criticism and education, and not get the public to dry in the sun, it will let the children have no selfrespect. said, I don’t do the rabbit, can improve student achievement? even has a net friend, without the
consent of parents and children, the teacher to the students’ photos sent to the group, is the infringement. also have friends that the reaction of the parent also have individual users think that the teacher is good, is responsible for the performance of the. p users romantic story said: teacher to send photos of the original intention is good for the students,
in the hope that attention from parents, parents group was originally home school communication platform. Netizen Wei Xing said, the market pride or face, worth mentioning, are more than the importance of performance improvement. Support teacher. p users Shang died said, the child’s summer homework not good urged, arrangement of the school’s task is not properly completed, never reflect on, wait until somebody else’s teacher criticized the, and feel face, don’t know how to be parents of the ah? Homework is not complete is the problem of parents. Like summer jobs, many times the task must be completed, the quality of the best efforts on the line. You can not even finish the Chengdu, but also the meaning to post? users wind full building said that parents are the first teacher of the child,
parents everything affects the child’s growth, from the gene to the habit, from the attitude to behavior. Summer job is not completed, parents must be responsible. The teacher sent the homework Mechanical Mod and RDA to the group of people, the intention is to supervise. Parents think face can
not go, and the teacher private chat. To the Forum on the crusade against the teacher, not only can not solve the problem of children learning attitude, E-CIG CHINA but will stimulate the contradiction. net friend asheep said that the child is not good, to see the parents will know. Children homework is not good parents also have a Hot E Cig kits responsibility. The child does not do the homework, the criticism can not stand. Now the class has not criticized the class, the parent group 1