former deputy director of the

Original title: bribery 8891 10000 surname small arch corrupt official Huang Huahui arraigned for years, he is just a seemingly insignificant section level cadres, but through long-term contact and interventional Jinshazhou, Zhong Luo pool area of the old factory land acquisition compensation demolition work help public familiar with the boss earn basin full earthen bowl is full, oneself also from accepting huge profits. He then in the Pearl River Metro and other central areas of the illegal acquisition of the Pearl River Metro and other 11 sets of real estate, etc., and intends to invest in the United states. But in the fight against the tigers i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes and flies in the anti-corruption storm,
Merrell Shoes he eventually planted. Yesterday, Guangzhou City Housing Security Office imposed reserve, former deputy director of the, served as the Guangzhou municipal government expropriated the land office, Guangzhou City Land Development Center land requisition arrangement member, deputy director, business guidance, Vice Minister of the Ministry, land consolidation, Deputy Minister of the Ministry, had previously been the discipline inspection organs have buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online been reported in small arch corrupt official typical Huang, for alleged bribery 88 million 91 million yuan in Panyu Shawan District Court trial. At present, the
Penny Hardaway Shoes case is still awaiting sentencing. The old building demolition and land to help the boss familiar reselling profit compensation according to the trial disclosure, the main facts of the crime occurred in 20052014 Huang Hua, prosecutors said, when he served in the Guangzhou municipal government land acquisition office, a deputy director of land requisition and soil consolidation buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online in Guangzhou city land development center soil, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of business guidance, Vice Minister of the Ministry of land consolidation, responsible for the Jinshazhou, Baiyun District Zhongluotan land acquisition, project evaluation and audit the changes in pipeline relocation and other office facilities, for bribery, Tanmou in Luo Nieji, et, Al (treatment two) for the benefit of the staff repeatedly and illegally accepting bribes for a total amount of RMB 88 million 910 thousand yuan. One approach is to help Huang Hui, familiar with the boss reselling old factory for the benefit of government i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes compensation, and then accept the commission. Huang Hui said that three of nickel is his classmate, and Luo and tan and the local villagers Baiyun District, the boss is strong". From 2005 to 2006, Baiyun District Huang Sha Cun road Jinshazhou houses involved in land expropriation. Huang Hua said that the news does not levy demolition before the announcement, he let Luo Ni mouji find some foreigners to buy low-cost housing. In the demolition process, Huang Huahui also allegedly in the process of removing the control of the use of power, materials and other issues to provide help. Luo and and and Huang Huahui Co-Ni benefits of bribery 2 million 800 thousand yuan. In a similar way, Huang Huahui two from elsewhere to obtain compensation for the acquisition of land acquisition of 22 people buy a house, received two times a number of bribes 800 million yuan. Between 2007 and 2009, bribery Tan A and investment to i like air max shoes buy Jinshazhou Sha Feng Village land belonging to 85 power belonging to the house, and involved in the is land acquisition, Huang Huahui accused to connect them to help control the progress of the demolition, determine buy air max shoes online the minimum compensation, payment standard, after in a tan and illegally accepting bribes of 20-30 million yuan. For a construction contract ratio of 17 million prosecutors highest
Lebron James Shoes Huang said Huahui also allegedly took advantage of his position to facilitate for Luo and bribery.