for nearly two years

? for nearly two years, the browser market relatively calm. On the one hand, PC browser pattern is relatively stable, it is difficult to have a big change, each in the intensive and meticulous farming. On the other hand, we believe that in the mobile terminal, the browser and the APP has been the entrance of the dispute, so many giants in the mobile phone and there is no end to. But in April 10th, in the mobile phone browser ranked first, and made it clear that will not do PC browser UC declared to be cross screen browser, enter PC and TV. And has an absolute advantage in the PC browser market 360 is announced, the focus of this year to force mobile phone browser. Cross screen entrance competition first started. UC and 360? That another war? The browser market in 2014 will be very busy, there may even be a new barrels of gunpowder in 2014. at the beginning of this year, UC will reveal itself in the mobile phone browser to the advantage of transfer to PC, TV. UC founder He Xiaopeng admitted.. UC from the start of the day is the mobile Internet gene, and repeatedly affirmed that don’t do PC browser, according to UC, in the PC browser market is the Red Sea, still there is a new opportunity, so U C will create a new generation of PC browsers to tap into the market. In fact, He Xiaopeng? Said the opportunity, have a great relationship with the Alibaba. UC has got Alibaba two rounds of investment, and invited me to join the board last year. Although UC has always stressed that does not belong to the Ali, resolutely independent operation. But it is Taobao browser for no Ya Zi has led the team to join the UC, and he admitted that the future of UC and Taobao browsing will gradually fusion. He Xiaopeng said, the future will have more levels of cooperation with ali. All the signs indicate that, UC cross screen browser behind Ali’s shadow. was dominant in the PC browser on the mobile phone browser before 360, some hesitation, and there is no hurry, ranking after UC, QQ, Baidu, European friends. Why choose at this point in time to do mobile phone browser? 360 senior vice president Yu Guangdong gives three reasons: one is the APP tends to focus on the trend of mobile phone browser, to bring more opportunities. Two is the transfer of small sites to the mobile terminal, need to rely on the mobile phone browser such as super APP entrance. Three, in recent years, mobile shopping proportion is more and more big, will bring a huge market for the security of mobile phone browser. To break out, we must first choose a relatively weak link, then to choose the strategic value of the target. Yu Guangdong said, in the field of mobile phone browser, we and several former gap is not large, catch up from behind is a high probability event. At the same time, the strategic value of mobile phone browser has no doubt, it is not only an important entrance of the mobile Internet, but also has great value to drive navigation and mobile search and other services. At present in the market of mobile phone browser is 360 to 10%. Can be expected in 2014?, the browser market will be very exciting, there may even be a new barrels of gunpowder in 2014. Cross screen entrance? BAT3M? Who is God.