Finishing Chen Yifeng is a Qingming worship activities of the dead

Finishing Chen Yifeng is a Qingming worship activities of the dead. The south of the Yangtze River and south of the cemetery on the hill, called mountain worship. The north is known as the grave or sweep the tombs. After the death of their ancestors, soul can enjoy incense offerings, if no one to sweep incense, incense was cut off, wretchedness. 1, grave process. Finishing Chen Yifeng Beijing Chaoyang Joy City December 2009 opening, planning a total construction area of more than 40 million square meters, by COFCO COFCO Property is responsible for the operation. The building since after the completion of the evil things constantly, too many unfortunate events, feel pity and sympathy. Today, however, the author tries to discuss the pros and cons of Chaoyang joy of Feng Shui from geomantic angle, for later reference. 1, joy evil review in December 2012, underground garage, two owners of conflict, a male owners hacked to death. In March 2013, a man jumped from the big long roll ladder and died instantly. In July 2013, a man with a knife to 2 pedestrians one male and one female died. In July 2013, the store a man falls dead. In November 2014, wall 30 square meters of wall material w
Mens Lebron James Soldier 6 White Black Blueas blown down, hit the bank made 1 of the death of the man, 1 woman who injured. Oblique straight to the water; dilute; will; acupuncture and 2014. Finishing Chen Yifeng almost, as septal difficult grave Lailong, long after the vast population, after the grave pit and low fiscal scattered descendants; grave after water around Liangshan, water around the Xuanwu hero grave if water is imminent, children must not long after the grave if Yang tile, children and grandchildren will root buds; grave, and lustful bandits; grave water, dead men and women will escape; grave Shui Xiang Zhan, men and women are not comprehensive; grave water together, men and women are not food and clothing; finishing Chen Yifeng what know somebody else to lean lean, mountain mountain water back to the body. To know how rich people rich, round to Gu Feng lei. How to know your family your style, peak to peak. He knows people out of the rich, a story of a high. He knows when people back, a heavy and low. How to know the people out of lonely, Pipa side fan Gufeng also. Ho. Finishing Chen Yifeng Original: generally, people build a new house, Mo to first walls, and predicate the difficult words, a home owner not Hing Fat. Vernacular: who built a new house, not to build a wall, because the first build a wall, wall pile of brick and wood, way to like sleepy character, so that the masters of the future will not be prosperous. Original: where the family house, behind Mo from the cabin, that stop loss, loss of population. If people lived in this house especially kyrgyzstan. Vernacular: residential house, behind the improper cabin again. If again the cabin, called stop loss, will soon cause the master home damaged population tragedy. Such as in stop or accidentally lost the hut to live, then live people is not good finishing Chen Yifeng 1, dry Kan Gua each other six evil as a house in Kan Gua to open the door, or Hom house in trigram open, male and female sexual immorality, shameless, denouncing the unclean, Jinshui although character is mutual, but thieves and abortion.

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