excessive dependence on Android system made mobile phone hidden trouble ; [time: October 15

excessive dependence on Android system made mobile phone hidden trouble ; [time: October 15, 2012 17:16] [source: Xinhua] [Author: Deng Zhonghao] [editor: Yang Dong in recent years, with the popularity of smart phones, the rapid development of domestic mobile phone, the overall market share has been significantly more than foreign brands. Mechanical Mod and RDA And with the rise of the market share, platform dependent, lowend brand and other issues have not yet been resolved. experts said that the mobile phone industry market changes quickly, if not to strengthen independent innovation, enhance core competitiveness, the domestic mobile phone market share can only be shortlived. 3G, the intelligent tide of domestic mobile phone brand hurricane Nankai University, associate professor of information technology science, Shi Guangshun believes that the function of the mobile phone era, made a good market share of domestic mobile phone. 2003 domestic mobile E-CIGARETTE CHINA phone in the sales have been fully beyond the import of mobile phones, and to develop a waveguide, Xia Xin, panda and other famous domestic mobile phone brand. But at the time of the
brilliant just a flash in the pan, with Motorola, Nokia, apple, Samsung and other international brands inroads into, domestic mobile phone in ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the next few years almost suffered a crushing defeat. Li Yongzhuang, director of the center for economic research E-CIG CHINA at Central University
of Finance and Economics, said that in recent years, with the promotion of smart phones and 3G mobile phones, domestic
mobile phone to get a new life, the current domestic market shipments have been significantly ahead of international brands. industry and Information Technology Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute released the report shows that this year from 1 to August, the national mobile phone market shipments of 274252000, of which the 2G mobile phone shipments to 125234000, while the 3G mobile phone shipments reached 149018000. 3G mobile phone in the domestic market shipments have surpassed the 2G, while in the 3G mobile phone, domestic mobile phone has occupied an absolute advantage. heady
conceal problems br the domestic mobile phone in recent years the rapid development, attracting the telecom equipment manufacturers, close attention of traditional phone companies, venture capital, even Baidu, Alibaba, royal, Qihoo 360 and other traditional Internet companies have also set foot in. Li Yongzhuang believes that the Android system of open source, free of charge and the three major carriers to support Hot E Cig kits domestic brands, the development of domestic mobile phone Disposable e cigarette is a great push. The mobile phone and millet Lei Jun launched a big success,
more is to encourage more Internet companies to enter the mobile phone industry. experts believe that although the domestic mobile phone in recent years has made a very prominent achievements, but there are still a variety of problems. Shi Guangshun believes that the excessive dependence on the Android system, after all, is a hidden trouble. At present, China’s domestic smart hand;