Defend the hero

Defend the hero, calibration Disposable e cigarette of our spirit compass a period of time, the spread of the Internet with Hot E Cig kits some malevolent, rumors to confuse right and wrong, to discredit heroic deeds, produced a very bad impact, weakening our society’s spiritual soil. Looking back at the socalled detail research, both under the banner of secret banner, or holding a reduction of the brand, the purpose is nothing but Bo people eyeball, reap the benefits. [with] with the truth since the hero name for a period of time, ridicule, discredited and vilified the heroic image of the speech seems to be a network of Chenhu military experts said that a nation’s cohesion, often from the hero of history, once the hero image collapsed, the national cohesion, centripetal force will cause great damage. Lanzhou military veterans of [with] recalling the years of the war to defend the dignity of the hero a corny Hanyang pike Mechanical Mod and RDA and a peg handle spear, spear 3 bullets, darts 2 bullets, we make behind the wugongdui to North Plain of Henan Province in the vicinity of mobilizing the masses against Japan. Retired cadres Hu Qingshan combined with their own personal experience tells the story of Xu Haidong general command of 4th detachment of the Ne
w Fourth Army seven group captured Japanese story. [with] to discredit the hero is in violation of civilization, the bottom line of questioning fire Qiu Shaoyun contrary to physiology, speculation Dong Cunrui bombing bunkers for the fictional, shouting Huang Jiguang plug E-CIG CHINA loophole Close paragraph of time, appeared on the Internet many spoof, to discredit the revolutionary martyrs, rumors of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA war hero, confuse more than, in the society also produced extremely severe adverse effects. Resolutely defend heroes glory and
dream, this is per. [with] Xinhua military network reporter’s notes: defend the age of heroes call point today, the reporters in six companies before the column with the officers and soldiers together to respond to the commander of Huang Jiguang call point, heart leaping, blood boiling, passion burning. Huang Jiguang lifetime where class vice squad Ya Tao Liu said, in April this year, Huang Jiguang during his lifetime Comrade Li Jide old man came to the troops and personally the official soldiers about his comrades Huang Jiguang. [with] Monty Langyashan five even: with the results fully defend the heroic image even instructor Hongwei Zhu said when you hear the detractors’
five heroes’, we are very angry very grievance, because they are trying to destroy our spiritual pillar. But this is more to inspire us unlimited power, with the actual action and excellent results to defend the image of the hero. [detailed] now that we protect the hero in recent years, the network blew discredit hero unhealthy. In fact, many E-CIGARETTE CHINA officers and men, the hero’s deeds are not required to discuss the. The Internet was questioned five heroes feat. It’s not a good question, even though many of the soldiers in the day will jump off the situation. [with] to name the hero: witness tells the story of Liu Hulan sincere love a 15 year old girl, in front of the sepulchral guillotine, without fear, heroic martyrdom. As for Liu Hulan is who the guillotine, the
reporter interviewed the Wenshui County, Shanxi Province, Yun Zhou
Nishimura is currently the only one still can tell year history of the witnesses, the 86 year old day wide. The era of doubt, more need to stick to the hero