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Dear friends, hello everyone!
Air Jordan Shoes Men Wholesale Welcome to bear strong combat Jiepan platform. If you feel that the bear market of the strong, please the blog home page web site to join favorites according to the ctrlD can be used blog to you at any time after reading. Please press F5 to refresh the view or the latest realtime Jiepan content! Bear the strong analyst, gorgeous theory, magical combat tactics, advocate, eliminate flicker! Shares every day flying in the sky, are not used! The key is that you do it? Index daily limit! The key is that you earn it? Here to create a real live battlefield! If you like my blog post, I want to recommend to the friends around me to pay attention, continue to pay attention to the collection! New come in the friend, you are good bear market strong daily live for you wonderful, if you feel the analysis of good, please continue to pay attention to! According to the ctrlD can be a collection of blog, so that the next time you watch, I wish you a smooth investment. 0127 13:06 good afternoon, the index is so weak, I suggest that the risk of this round is in place, you lighten up? Lighten up yesterday
Mens Air Jordan 12 New White Red Orange, lighten up in the morning, seem not to late, but if not lighten up, at this time, and so on, these fears may can have the i love jordan nubuck men opportunity to appear 0127 13:19 afternoon hunters point appears, we have in the SMS platform for friends prepared a copy of the strong shortterm varieties and friends to seize the time 0127 13:24 Wanda information trading, gem heavyweights began to prop up the market, which we position can consider bargain hunting. 0127 13:38 early reviews of the Adams have been sealed in the daily limit, this is speculation logic funds, funds only to do the strong self preservation, this market under a leading shares effect will is amplified countless times 0127 13:43 then the transaction is the probability, two days time, the index fell 10%, some stocks fell 20 percent, this change, I think is oversold, then I will consider this time stroke to, even if it failed, I
Air Jordan 13 New Packing Men Wholesale think is not a pity, I think the pursuit of trading is a high probability event, but it is always possible to some small probability of scenario, I have no pursuit of perfection. When after the emergence of small probability, admit it, the market is the best teacher 0127 14:24 and the noon time, I tell you if panic in the afternoon is hunters, you can go to look at noon, my article. 0127 14:45 why I say afternoon panic can copy a copy? Yesterday index plunged more than six points, discount lebron james website today afternoon index most of the time and four more, these two days, the market fell 10%, in terms of the shortterm market. This is serious oversold, is panic disc focus on the release of a form of expression at this time, any of the metrics are failure, because the market sentiment has been extreme, this in fact in history is seen, such as 13 years of 6.25, index in the early resistance, rapid substantially diving reached more than 100 points, which is the panic disc set released a reflection of the form. 8.26 of the 3 stock market crash two