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Copy # Jiepan #? King guerrilla tactics concussion City Essentials: the concussion City, a little chasing Shadie will not work, because the space is little, master band operation buy must be continuous fell shrinking stabilized, rose absolute don’t chase; selling upside down, the continuous rise to important gold line blocked sold, even oneday Dayang not closed limit are sold, not vague, know nothing about chasing Shadie investors at such shocks city in continuous operation accumulated not smaller than the loss of the stock market crash, penniless,! Forwarding?:10:20? # Jiepan #? As long as open space, King guerrilla tactics will continue to implement and their combinations of positions according to the decline in inflation high throw bargain hunting, in this space rolling increase profits. Detailed methods of operation, only the Disposable e cigarette voice of the class in explanation, click # Jiepan
#? Nonferrous metal long repressed, today showed good! Forwarding?:09:27? # Jiepan E-CIG CHINA #? Special burst events lead to market opened lower is normal, whether Dikaigaozou decided the fate of the shortterm stock market, we continue to wait and see it! Forwarding?:09:20? # Jiepan #? As WeChat stocks conti
nue to answer questions on the platform, thank you to participate in forwarding king powder! You can be in before hit the OK gesture forwarding?:09:12? # Jiepan #? In fact, the long term our stock market is such, can be longterm investment company is really too little, not high throw E-CIGARETTE CHINA bargain hunting band will only hold shares of real people will not do elevators just strange. You Mechanical Mod and RDA can
make money likely too small. Early in the morning, I gave a speech class participants wrote a short note [using F10 five step to read a company], very practical, the company basically to study, but more important is where you buy, and where to sell. Forwarding?:09:11?
# Jiepan #? Early analysis: fall yesterday we expected that, in the early assessment yesterday has given the profit forecast, if you didn’t go, shot up easily by car, do not go to the cost of the line you may also set the current market, it is the way the characteristics, only skilled use of guerrilla tactics to Hot E Cig kits King profit possible, forwarding?: early assessment: try not to participate in the adjustment of the central bank: five factors determine the RMB will ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA not be sustained depreciation of the people’s Bank of China
spokesman said on the 12, our country is floating management based on market supply and demand, exchange rate system, exchange rate fluctuations are normal, this should be an objective view. In the future, the people’s Bank of China will further improve the RMB exchange rate, King Live Stock stock market of the king live every day in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market trading hours rolling broadcast, watch the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market hot plate movements, to explore the future potential plate, with technology and Zhou Yi forecast stock market index changes direction, and strive to help millions of helpless of Chinese retail investors have the correct concept of the transaction, the master shall be 1