consumer daily in Shanxi Xiaoyi

consumer daily in Shanxi Xiaoyi, August 24 Qi Xingping of Tianjin Port 8.12 particularly significant fire and explosion accident occurred, the State Council in the nationwide full deployment to carry out safety inspections, further including hazardous chemicals, non coal mine, the pornography rule violations
and special rectification work. Recently, the network received a report from the masses, in Shanxi Xiaoyi, a Xiaoyi City Hou Xin Mining Co., Ltd. enterprise without access to safe production license in the national production safety inspection period and against the wind largescale openpit mining bauxite. The face exposed serious security risks, despite repeated report, local villagers, blind Township Land and safety supervision department. the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA lush vegetation of the vast hills now has been dug to be reduced to fragments on August 17, live in Xiaoyi Luliang City Nanyang Xi
ang Dan village, reporters saw, original villages and farmland already no longer exists, lush vegetation of the huge mountain has been dug fragmented, bare rock, the show in front of a huge area of pit. br in the range of
several square kilometers, accompanied by a loud roar, nearly a hundred excavators are different height working face mining dig mountain, heavy vehicles shuttling back Mechanical Mod and RDA and E-CIG CHINA forth transporting aluminum ore crushing, crushed slag accumulation height has amounted to 40 to 50 meters. did E-CIGARETTE CHINA not obtain the safe production license suspected of illegal mining on the basis of this, on August 2,
2011, the company eventually made approved by the Shanxi Provincial Department of land and bauxite openpit mining of the Hot E Cig kits mining license. In Shanxi Province, the website, the reporter saw, mining license approval of the mining area of 1.0712 square kilometers, the mining period of five years, an annual output of 100000 tons. br but from the beginning of August 2014, in did not obtain the safe production license, Xiaoyi City Hou Xin mining company by exposing the mountain skin in live Dan village Disposable e cigarette largescale openpit mining bauxite mine.
Although the villagers frequently reported, but turn a blind eye local city Township two level land safety supervision departments, enterprises longterm persist wantonly mining