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conference site. Autonomous Region Food and Drug Administration for map Guangxi news network Nanning September 1st news reporter Song Yao Intern Zhong Ningfang September 1st, the autonomous region food and Drug Supervision Bureau held a video conference, the twelfth session of the Chinese mobilization, ASEAN Business and Investment Summit hereinafter referred to as NPC and CPPCC, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day hereinafter referred to as two food and drug safety, put forward the Five Guarantees goal: to ensure food security at the NPC and CPPCC no danger of anything going wrong, the party and state leaders and important foreign guests major activities; ensure that NPC and CPPCC designated reception hotel is to ensure food safety accidents; Nanning city and the region of the city tourism, catering tourism attractions industry without food safety accidents; to ensure that NPC and CPPCC activities places, supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and attractions shops selling food in accordance with national standards and related requirements; ensure that the region is not a major food safety accidents. meeting called for a
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot Ns Black Whitegood grasp of the two sessions, two food safety supervision work. First of all, to do a good job reception hotel food safety work, the reception hotel hotel to implement a special cleanup inspection, supervision and urge the hotel hotel reception and reception units to implement the fixedpoint procurement system, the implementation of food raw auxiliary purchase cable ticket, purchase acceptance, registration and consumption reports and other food safety management system, the investigation is not safe food. second, do a good job of food safety and safety of the venue of the venue. Strengthen supervision of operators in the exhibition hall site to provide food, to prevent the sale of substandard food, to provide unsafe food and beverage. In addition, to protect the two sessions fast food safety, strict examination of the qualifications of fast food suppliers, strict implementation of food raw materials, a onetime purchase of food and beverage with the ticket system, strictly prohibited procurement or use of food safety standards of food ingredients, food additives, food related products. Chinese and foreign guests visit along the ground and strengthen supervision. Is a security key cities to two meetings held in Nanning, Guilin and Beihai is an international tourist city and other places also have unique characteristics of tourism resources and investment environment, are likely to become the two sessions Chinese and foreign guests visit to participants. Food and drug regulatory authorities in accordance with the principle of territorial management, actively fulfill the food safety office food safety coordination responsibilities, organization and coordination of agriculture, business, health, industry and commerce, quality supervision, aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary and exit inspection and quarantine departments to find loopholes in each link, timely detection and elimination of food safety hazards, and effectively protect the food safety work.

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