Chen Hang H

Chen Hang H, who received a phone call from her students at the start of the year, studied in
a university in Pennsylvania, majoring in Disposable e cigarette economics, and we learned that she had cheated in the final exam of the course E-CIGARETTE CHINA of financial accounting. Although she has been relatively spend time in the study, but it does not have any skills in accounting Mechanical Mod and RDA for the class of the class, but her best friend Z learned this course, the usual work has been to help her. But at the end of the period when only on her own, however she was pregnant with luck persuaded my friend Hot E Cig kits Z instead of her to take the exam, the small Z classmates in the classroom when actually has been the Professor noticing, E-CIG CHINA but did not directly pointed out that until the finished assignment, Professor politely to small Z, please go to the office to talk alone. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA at first, small Z strongly denied that she was in the H for a friend, but after the professor asked a lot of basic questions, she had to admit the fact that. A few days later, two people also received a dean’s letter, were sentenced to a year’s leave of absence of punishment, which means they in the
following year studies terminated, and does not exclude the resulting more some trouble, such as return visa, apply for graduate students and more affected by the impact to the surface. after taking over the case, we have carried out a series of communication and coordination
with the school. Because we deal with very many very similar cases, so we have a lot of experience in the process, and how to communicate with
the school related person in charge. The elite team of the elite team with the students in the school’s dean and instructors are very effective and direct communication, the school’s understanding of the situation and accurate analysis to make the whole case more smoothly. After we told the school in charge of the five telephone communication, multi sector staff of dozens of contacts, small H and small Z’s loss was the lowest. When we eventually won the small h and Z can not in elective courses during the summer vacation, equivalent to just suspended them a summer vacation, which for them is a great relief because they can wait until the autumn of normal school, with other students in class learning, which not only avoids the year
to do our, but also avoid the some future unforeseen risks. Such success, the future of the two students but help a lot of. each of us in the long road of life will encounter all sorts of difficulties and setbacks, through a number of detours, some mistakes, is because of the test to accelerate our growth, which makes your mind more sound, more active thinking, bearing pressure ability strengthens unceasingly; if you are struggling in the United States of the students should be able to experience the feeling. The vision that we want to convey is that we must not be afraid to be in a foreign country when you are in trouble.