case background: Tsingtao Brewery is China’s first launch of a pure raw beer brand

case background: Tsingtao Brewery is China’s first launch of a pure raw beer brand, and has been to maintain the first volume of pure health. Is one of the most important products in Tsingtao Brewery’s product line. to the fresh word for the product characteristics of the Qingdao pure life, the fresh life as the brand has been uphold the concept. But in the promotion, we found that what is fresh life is not clear enough for consumers. At the same time, in the category of pure life, competing products more or less in the dissemination of the concept of fresh. so, in 2014, the biggest challenge we face in the promotion process is: the slogan of live life is difficult to make consumers understand, as well as the area of memory. however, in recent years we have been in the interpretation of fresh life exploration. in 2013, we combine the audience stickiness and the highest degree of active social media: microblogging, in order to carry out the marketing position, la
Womens Nike Free 3.0 V5 Black Silverunched a program called show a fresh dream of the Internet communication projects. Through the guidance, let the net friend say the most eager to make life more wonderful and more vivid dream, and vote for you to agree with the dream, and ultimately achieved a million in the amount of participation. we have to collect the 10 million live dream for research, we are longing for the life of life are mostly: a hobby and some achievements, efforts to work hard to achieve peak, business love and harvest happiness, intentions to achieve the dream of travel. In 2014, we have a clear definition of the life of life: the passion, focus and stick to things. This process of the pursuit of the heart is not afraid of the outcome, is hidden in the hearts of people living in life. how to perform a fresh life? Combined with the 2014 Internet media trends, through a large number of data and case studies, the formation of our communication strategy: we believe that the popular way of life, the most vivid and effective way is to real life in the real example of the formation of visual elements, video content production, television, outdoor to undertake output, in social media, the formation of a national participation. marketing objectives: to promote the theme activity of Qingdao pure life in Qingdao 2014 in our marketing the seeking how vivid interpretation of live life concept and into the hearts of consumers, enhance brand loyalty. target audience: 18 30 years old, male predominance. Living in one, second tier cities, the higher education level, income, fashion and lively, care about the taste of life. communication strategy:

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