But if it is not prime minister Li Keqiang said

The ball pen , how do ah? But if it is not prime minister Li Keqiang said, the old air really do not know until today, China can not produce. Li said, we don’t have the ability of production of die steel, including ‘bead’ ball point pen head, at present, still need to import. This needs to adjust the structure. China’s iron and steel industry on the one hand, a serious excess capacity, on the
Nike Free TR Twist Women Shoes Online Sale one hand some of the special category of high quality steel. Informally is stall goods, counterfeit goods are everywhere. Some even throw Street are not picking up, but the highgrade goods but only to foreign
Nike Free TR Fit Women Shoes Online Sale to buy. steel industry is not only in the iron and steel industry, but in the entire production and manufacturing sector in China there is such an embarrassing situation. Otherwise, people do not need to panic buying I like Nike foamposite one handbags, shopping milk, medicines, and toilet cover what the apple mobile phone. Otherwise, the western countries of China’s hightech and military equipment, the embargo, it is meaningless. Otherwise, our country’s exportoriented enterprises will not be very fragile,
Nike Free Powerlines II Women Shoes Online Sale since 2013 due to the RMB exchange rate, rent, labor prices and other reasons, fell one after another batch of. fundamentally speaking, t
Womens Nike Free Powerlines II WFP204here is no technology. Technically not to go, that I love Nike air foamposite pro is a few reasons. One is the lack of protection of intellectual property rights, the enemy of enterprise innovation but cottage. Is not easy for you to invest huge sums of money out of a new product, or the brand out, people fake imitation all of a sudden you recline. You have to fake, local protectionism strongholds across the country very difficult to overcome, judicial departments are often not actively support, opposite, cottage doctrine can
http://hhwyx.cn/news/html/?40951.html flicker rational, rational of plagiarism, let fake pour into a street rat like. I buy Nike air foamposite one p 2 is serious problems still exist in the system of scientific research, youyou Tu as the doer, seriously, upright sent within the system as a whole or not by proper understanding and respect, and the opportunistic, fraud, but always holds a position of power in all walks of life, with control authority of the allocation Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men of social resources. This aspect of China’s basic research has not improved, on the other hand, the technology invention to create a lower level of productivity. three is a low level of price competition to keep the development level of enterprises. Due to the weak against the fake and shoddy, Chinese enterprises to survive the environment is very poor, low I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women profitability, in the enterprise development strategy is difficult to have a longterm strategy. Low level of price competition for enterprise management and development strategy Nike Air Max Sale For kids into nonsense. p 4 is the abnormal development of the real estate and a few other industries and to the small and mediumsized enterprise contempt or discrimination, messing up the whole of China’s economic and ecological. Social resources, such as the real estate industry is not concentrated in a small number of industries, it is natural to lose the development of other industries. A lowincome families a bite to buy a million house, after a decade or two, a family become slaves could not leave home for other consumer. In the whole country’s economic framework, real estate and other industries to the social resources, and other industries have been limited. five is a state owned enterprises as the representative of the large corporate social responsibility and historical responsibility is seriously inadequate, often did not

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