build online silk road to create a happy future a keynote speech at the first Arab Expo online forum on the Silk Road Lu Wei September 10

build online silk road to create a happy future a keynote speech at the first Arab Expo online forum on the Silk Road Lu Wei September 10, 2015 br the state Internet information office director Lu Wei to deepen China Arab Cooperation and exchanges to build online Silk Road keynote speech. , , ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the distinguished representative of Arabia, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends: good afternoon! In China and Arab countries jointly usher in friendly cooperation on the occasion of the year, we gather in the plug, a beautiful pearl Yinchuan, jointly organized by the Silk Road and common network space development plan. Here, I wish to extend, on behalf of China Disposable e cigarette National Internet Information Office, to express a warm welcome to come from afar, the Arab representatives, distinguished guests and friends from all walks of life! The first to hold the Expo online Silk Road forum success, warm congratulations! To the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region for the hard work of the forum to express E-CIG CHINA my heartfelt thanks! p Xi Jinping, China’s president, in a letter to the letter of the Arab fair pointed out, China and Arab countries are good friends of mutual trust,
and to realize the common development on the road to walk and good partners. Chinese and Arabia is an important birthplace of human civilization, the four ancient civilizations in three from the Arab region. China Arab exchanges history goes back to ancient times, as early as
2000 years ago, Hot E Cig kits the worldfamous silk road traverses a thing, as a main artery of economy and culture, and Arab civilization closely linked together. Standing at a new historical starting point, the chairman Xi Jinping, China and Arab countries is a natural partner for build the Silk Road
Economic Belt and the 21st century maritime Silk Road, to carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road, and enhance interoperability and promote the policy communication, facilities Unicom, trade flow, financing, popular interlinked and make achievements in the construction of more and more equitable benefit in the Afghan people. in the modern era, with the core of information technology, a new round of scientific and technological revolution is pregnant with Mechanical Mod and RDA the rise of the Internet has become the leading force of innovation driven development, profound changes in people’s production and life, a strong impetus to social development. In the ancient Silk Road, brave and resourceful Alibaba found the robbers hid the treasure cave, with open sesame magic spell to open the cave, he put treasure to the poor, let people live a happy life. China’s Ma is from the story gets inspiration, founded the company Alibaba, through electronic business services including E-CIGARETTE CHINA Arab countries, are on the peoples of the world, in just 15
years made great success, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, millet and other Internet companies also sudden appearance of a new force. Network of the Internet, the exchange of information, for
the Chinese and the world to create a open sesame miracle. along the way