bribery door-to-door mother on March 24

Original title: Huaibei sacked Hall official Kan Xiang Hua trial confession: bribery door-to-door mother on March 24, Huaibei city CPPCC members, Naoto Kan, the flowers, the former chairman of (departmental level) alleged bribery case, in Bozhou City Intermediate People’s court trial. Prosecutors accused, the defendant to see China is the advantage of taking advantage of his position, received a total of 22 people, to send
Lebron James Soldier 6 real estate about 4 million 98 thousand yuan. Military group Mister "tribute" first 1960 Kan Xiang, responsible, Lieshan District, i like lebron james 2016 Huaibei City Mayor, Lieshan district Party committee secretary, Suixi County Party Secretary, Huaibei City, chairman of the CPPCC and other positions. Jian Xianghua alleged bribery, divided into 2 categories, one is within the jurisdiction of the relevant enterprises to accept a person in charge of the interests of the people. Such as former chairman of militant groups in the Anhui Province Huang Xiaohu, Naoto Kan, Xianghua fierce mountain red Yang coal mine any strong district Party committee secretary to support the purchase, and red Yang coal mine i love jordan nubuck men illegal exploitation of suspend production for rectification to resume production, red Yang coal mine used explosives to help smooth acceptance, 9 were given Kan Xiang to spend 1 million to 30 million yuan. In the first line of the 22 Tiger Huang bribes, the amount of bribes. The investment object is "shake Qian Shu" to Naoto Kan flowers money in the general manager of the enterprise and the Hongkong group where a responsible person. 2005, the Huaibei municipal government held a business meeting with Jian Xianghua know. After the Spring Festival, he will give China’s Hom or shopping card i like air jordan shoes men to send some cash. In the second half of 2010, Hemou in Suixi County real estate development to buy land, then Suixi County County Party committee secretary Kan Xiang Hua care, has three times were given Kan Xiang spent 400 million yuan. Due to the slow progress of land acquisition, one of the first to find Jian Xianghua, vice governor of China and vice governor to speed up the pace discount lebron james website of demolition. In order to thank, he also had 110 thousand times is always 4 yuan for flowers. According to statistics, the total cash and 8000 yuan to
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women the bank before the Bank of China to the Bank of china. Subordinate to send money, has been promoted to Hua Xianghua alleged bribery of another, the relevant personnel to accept bribes, promoted to his position, to provide help after the adjustment. How to Horeb, fierce torrent Zhuang village, Yan Wang Xianming and Kan Xiang China help Secretary Yan Xianming successively rise fierce mountain Minister of United Front Work Department and Lieshan District CPPCC Vice Chairman Ren. To thank Kan Xiang Hua and support for the promotion, Yan Xianming use the annual Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival has been given discount kids air jordan shoes Kan Xiang spent 40 million yuan. In the Kan Xiang Hua "coattails", all the way to promote and Suixi
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men County Han village Party Secretary Wang Peijie, in under the help of Kan Xiang, Suixi County Party Secretary Wang was transferred to Suixi County Development Zone, and later served as a deputy director of the Management Committee of Development Zone, Suixi County Party committee Standing Committee and other duties. Thank you for China in the promotion and support of a few years, Wang Zong a to the stages of i love cheap jordans wholesale the ridge China 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan and 180 million yuan yuan shopping card value. Accepting bribes discipline inspection and supervision departments to the former chairman of the provincial military group, Tiger Huang, former deputy mayor of Bengbu, Liu and other duties of the crime process, master Jian Xianghua suspected of bribery clues. February 2015, the provincial procuratorate decided, was arrested on suspicion of the crime of accepting bribes. On the morning of the 24 phase of the trial, Kanhuama