br amp; amp; after the end of the theatrical performances

br amp; amp; after the end of the theatrical performances, Mingxiu folk Street lively, 22 classes, each class a booth, each booth is different ethnic snacks, not only the food tastes different, stalls decoration and national costumes are also different. Gongcheng tea oil tree Mechanical Mod and RDA next to the booth with four little girl Zhuang Zhuang toast song to attract guests to sing, sugar painting booth two ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Hanfu dressed little girl in attractively for customers to introduce Chinese sugar painting art. students out to do business, parents try to show cooking. Fried chicken, bread sauce, fruit and fish, characteristic BaoFan, Japanese sushi, pearl milk tea, double peel milk, Zhuang blood sausage, rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival. Reporters saw many parents are show home cuisine, parents brought out the Pingnan acid powder, is specially made X display the acid powder made a detailed introduction and an array of food rich reporter visual and taste buds. The school’s folk customs section of the year to do better than a year. Three grade three class of parents, Ms. Lee said, this is my third time to participate in the school’s Disposable e cigarette folk customs Festival, every year to g
et a different snack, so we have to introduce parents to introduce new, and constantly improve the cooking skills. Parents are tired but happy, in a booth 4 class, a Tujia dressed father told reporters that he from five in the morning busy until now the, in order to let your child’s class at the event to win the prize, guweihui elected 10 parents to produce flavor snacks, but rented booth decoration, ethnic
clothing, buy food, almost the whole class parents are involved in the. br amp; amp; each class parents and students resorted to stops in food booths competitive level, and the playground shoes racing relay spell is speed, parents E-CIGARETTE CHINA and students to set foot on the long shoes the same rhythm with a pace hurried forward, come on sound of laughter and the ups and downs of each other, the folk customs of humorous to students and parents to show the cultural charm of the Chinese nation. br amp; amp; folk custom exhibition is
school hand hold big educational form part of,
let the students parents pull jointly participate, booth has detailed scoring rules, by the class guweihui elect one parent when the judges, exhibits and booth layout is national characteristics, explanation of whether the place is one of the most important criteria. Through the national customs and customs of the home school E-CIG CHINA closely integrated, creating a good environment for the students to create a good Hot E Cig kits environment. br amp; according to the school’s headmaster, Wei Hong pan, folk custom festival has become the Mingxiu
primary school moral education effective card is effective way of national unity education in schools, the term folk custom festival of students each year to provide a full range access to national cultural influence, through the activities, school students a deep understanding of the rich content of the national spirit, feel the great power of the national spirit, to experience the connotation of national spirit, is also gradually establish a national selfesteem, selfconfidence and pride and to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation do