Bi Fujian made our hearts tremble again ; wellknown CCTV program Star Avenue moderator Bi Fujian class

Bi Fujian made our hearts tremble again ; wellknown CCTV program Star Avenue moderator Bi Fujian class. The class is to be known to all the reasons, Mao Taizu said a disrespectful language. Is this sentence, let him lose his job. Which also understand unmistakably told the people, do not think that the death of Mao for decades, can make irresponsible remarks, still can’t E-CIGARETTE CHINA say no, says he will wait and see. This makes us have experienced the hair of the old man’s heart and trembling. we were the man from
the Red Terror, the young man didn’t know what it was like. I once said to my kids, they like to listen to Arabian Nights, they just couldn’t believe that there is E-CIG CHINA such a thing. I said, there is a worker who said the Chairman Mao’s personal dictatorship by the word sentence, a word a year, sentenced to
eight years. Children with chalk draw people on the ground, Chairman Mao, was revealed to be in the opposite direction, accountability adults, husband and wife frighten both hanging. I have a friend named Chen Chao, Guangxi Beihai, having written a poster on the wall a total of 140
characters and Hot E Cig kits sentenced to twenty years, he give ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA us jokes, I’m fine, the average seven words sentenced a year, his experience in the Yanhuang Chunqiu 2015 fifth published. The question is: two big words and four copies of the verdict you can find. hard hair Taisui death, hope to take a breath, who knows or not, this huge monster still not moving. But we still have to admit that, after all, the
social progress. Remember in 1967 the public security six, the second is: any posting counter revolutionary anonymous letters, secretly or publicly posted, distributing anti revolutionary leaflets, write reactionary slogans, shouting reactionary slogans, to slander attack great leader Chairman Mao and Mechanical Mod and RDA his close comrade in arms of Comrade Lin Piao, a behavior shall be punished according to law. This year, the number of manufacturing ghost ghosts! If at that time, Bi Fujian will be sentenced to death. Of course, Bi grandfather today zayang, is not known, but I want to get the most out of the Disposable e cigarette party, must not lose life. From the capital to lose their jobs, Chinese indeed progress, that’s for sure. Confucius said: the gentleman has three fear, fear of heaven, fear of adults, fear sage words. The sage of China is Kong Zi, but many people who speak ill of Kong Zi, but don’t know how many people lost their jobs. But, then again, Confucius also did not let people starve tens of millions, nor the destruction of the temple monuments. Mao Zedong if Confucius, also not so many people scold him, nowadays some people try very hard to maintain the master’s face, although the master too does not live up to expectations, so many wicked things, below there is no way. heard that Bi
Fujian said it was filmed at a private dinner, then open. In private places is with fun, it should not be considered, how much more this old force is the Tianjin people’s verbal language, not a curse. If the authorities pursue an individual responsibility, will cause social panic, fear. His evil consequences are not so.