before the Chinese ambassador

Original title: China’s economic slowdown is a symbol of Cairo’s new ambassador to Holland. Holland’s new ambassador to China in December last year in Cairo. Recently, the new reporter interviewed a new reporter, he admitted discount kids air jordan shoes that China’s economic slowdown is a sign of maturity, hoping to become a good partner of China’s guests. When it comes to China’s development activities, I was encouraged by the Beijing news: before the Chinese ambassador, I have been encouraging you? Cairo: I visited China for the first time in 1989, when I worked in the Ministry of finance of Holland, attended
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank of Beijing. At that time, Beijing is discount lebron james website a Western Moderno Hotel, known as the the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel. I saw many bicycles in the street. Beijing news: Beijing to fulfill their duties, where do you want to go? Cairo: in the past few months, I have been in Beijing and Shanghai. They gave me the first impression is the bustling metropolis, tall buildings, busy, a large population, is full of modern and international atmosphere. In the past 20 years, China has been i like air jordan shoes men a great development, vigor and vitality, and inspired me. Beijing news: in your opinion, what is the cooperation between Holland and China? Cairo: in my view, there are too many opportunities for
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men cooperation between the two countries, the main areas of common concern. First of all, we all want more social security. We need to fight together, not only to include a joint crime, but also to face the threat of terrorism in the world. Second, we can create more jobs. We can’t predict which companies will find the opportunity, but the government can do is to provide a platform for the two companies to create opportunities for the two companies. Beijing news: in recent years, China’s economic growth began to slow down, as an expert in the field of economy, what do you think this is? Cairo: in the past few decades, China’s economic growth has exceeded expectations. Economic history tells us that no country can last a few decades to 10% years, the growth rate of 15%. Now, although China’s economic slowdown, but there are still 6%, an increase of 7%, much higher than the economic growth rate in Holland. It can be said that China’s economy still has an amazing performance. In addition, if the economic growth rate dropped from 10% to 7%, which may be a sign of health, is a sign of economic maturity. Beijing news: do you think China’s economic transformation? Cairo: in the past few decades, China’s economic development model is positive, which not only to China has brought prosperity, but also to the international community has brought benefits. Of course, we can also clearly see that the Chinese economy is ready to enter a new stage, to further deepen, not only to i love jordan nubuck men further diversify, but also pay attention to the growth of domestic demand. Now, tens of thousands of Chinese have purchasing power, and they will consume in
Blake Griffin Shoes China. This means that economic growth has begun to shift to domestic demand. People need i like lebron james 2016 different kinds of products, with the increase of demand, production will also usher in a change in the way. This is i love cheap jordans wholesale a process, the Chinese economy is gradually moving towards maturity. Beijing news network reporter Yan Yingzhuan editor