before meals to drink a cup of tea

before meals to drink a cup of tea, is the butcher carpenter poplar leaves the habit. Sojitz Xiang Jie Fengji, in front of the village leading to the Township street side of the road and poplar leaves to pork airs and Disposable e cigarette live evil is moist. Was at this time Yang tea leaves vaguely heard a woman crying, they end up in the cup out dug unexpectedly, but to see their home of the white hen, from the east wall and a head planted down, body close to the ground, rapidly in circles, a blink of an eye, legs Yi Deng, lying motionless. Poplar leaves was a sudden bounce high, teacup in hand Ba a fall on the floor, broken. br poplar leaf Gu not find crying, hurriedly Bola lying in chicken, hen the body intact, two legs but straight into a pair of chopsticks, died. Poplar leaves hands hold a wall, and the upper part of the body, the
y lie on the Mechanical Mod and RDA wall. The neighbors in their home station malt chaiduo side, one is nothing like looking at him. poplar leaf asked: Why Hot E Cig kits are you killed ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA my chicken, chicken and I did not break the law. Malt said: I stand not to move, I did not kill your chicken.
The poplar leaf urgent Chibai face: that I chicken alive, I fell down from the top of the wall, he died? Malt said: the wall is so high, people fall down, perhaps also will die.
Poplar leaves scold: you fart! I know the chicken in your old home firewood on the plane to eat, you have killed my chicken. Malt a face of Innocence: is really wrong, well, I beat you chicken? poplar leaves slide down from the top of the wall, a woman shouted plucking the chicken hot boiling water. Young leaves said, live a good, how to die? Open hearth broken E-CIGARETTE CHINA belly, I’d like to have a look. What are you? Poplar
leaves still muttered, but out of the top half skull malt: you put the chicken to me, ten dollars. a dead chicken, is not rare, be worth ten dollars? Young leaves of the tree suspected of water into the water. Ten, fifteen, you sell me. E-CIG CHINA Malt said. poplar leaves confused. malt face pray: no, give it to me for twenty. it always buckle ass fingers today how willing to
take the malt, twenty yuan to buy dead chickens? Young leaves said: can you, do not sell! Malt face down, head flash, disappeared. poplar leaves plucked chicken