b what TV show to see get excited b amp; time: 2012 October 10

b what TV show to see get excited b amp; time: 2012 October 10, 09:58] [source: Beijing Evening News] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong] amp; amp; first reflect contemporary Marines brigade officers and real life drama fire ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA blue blade, the day before yesterday on cctv8 Mechanical Mod and RDA ending ratings unexpectedly break 3%, cctv8 for this year’s best performance so far. At the same time, some of the lines in the play quickly the audience in mid stream spread, net friend bluntly: see the play liuxiaoshan that ‘this is our sea’ couldn’t help blood boil! As well as for the motherland the sea drains finally a drop of blood such lines have become the word of mouth among network, the audience in the famous. p from soldier assault live, do meaningful thing to the sword in we are the wolf group, devil to eat meat, but also chew the bones, in recent years on the screen of legionary teleplay classic lines let many people the impression profound. The fire blue blade last night in CCTV teleplay channel ending, all lines of popular has also attracted the E-CIGARETTE CHINA attention of more and
more young people. The show changed in the past, a dull military drama local image, leading to the youth fashion style. Fusion of soft sand, the waves rolling in, rich army life, and the number of elements, let the fire blue blade, the slightest romantic color in the display of the growth of the Marines. br the fire blue blade inspirational blood, humorous lines let many of the audience a heated
discussion, play the bad cop instructor WISCO in incentive recruits Disposable e cigarette said: pain is your best friends, it’s the biggest advantage is to let you know you’re not dead yet, you still have to continue to fight! This sentence let a lot of struggling young people eager to forwarding. As the leading actor in the play, Jiang Xiaoyu’s Kung Fu is to let the audience laughter again and again. Model of the tomb, Liuxing a series of new words was he created, in addition, the various martial arts heroes was also he repeated to bluff, magic on the E-CIG CHINA mouth, comparable to the Guo Degang. Net
friend, the taste of bullets, said: This is a very good television drama, although the actual situation with the troops out and out, but now it seems very consistent with the public taste! I have a big smile! Hit with fire blue blade, the army slogan for the motherland
the sea Hot E Cig kits drain away the last a drop of blood such exciting become the famous word of mouth among network, the audience. Don’t sweat blood tears, peel off the meat is not
left behind, be vigilant, defend the motherland. Train hard, always contend for the first and so on a series of old slogan is sun, so that everyone in the laughing, memories of the old generation of hard struggle spirit. military TV drama can always give people the power of the spirit. I was in the special forces, the audience saw the military situation; sword, the audience saw the military spirit. Fire blue blade described as a Marine Corps for the audience;