b the mine warfare Shenzhen satellite TV hit director Xu Ji week criticized ray drama b amp| time: 2013 June 26 means} source: Xinhua entertainment Author: editor: Yang Dong amp| amp| 7:30 every night

b the mine warfare Shenzhen satellite TV hit director Xu Ji week criticized ray drama b amp; time: 2013 June 26 means] [source: Xinhua entertainment] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong] amp; amp; 7:30 every night, the military war inspirational drama is Shenzhen TV hit. p as any drama, the public assessment of the mine warfare remains mixed, E-CIG CHINA Chan said that the mine warfare, the theme of innovation, dare to touch the minefield is commendable, but also that the audience, play play tartar soldiers zhangbo higher so naughty and unbearable, let a person have to question. recently, the war ray director Xu Jizhou in an interview with reporters, said that as China’s first focus on the demolition of television drama works, war is definitely a heart of the work. Xu Jizhou is also on the domestic drama too much was criticized: too much rough play, do things by irregular ways, random grafting. Every day to walk the night road, cut corners, there is always a time to turn down. war thunder, hoping to leave feelings and thinking p for the mine warfare during the broadcast of the
mixed, Xu Jizhou thinks, the mine warfare, the former half Mechanical Mod and RDA pa
rt, actually pay more attention to mine the psychological description, and now young people prefer dynamic Disposable e cigarette scenes and higher reinstated after, operatic composition will rapidly increase, I believe there will be more young people like. for the war Lei, Xu Jizhou think, he is in a way that everyone can accept the way to
shoot, after shooting a variety of adaptation, and now people
like, some people do not like, this is normal. Certainly very happy, at least feel that the play is a kind of attitude, can use the play to express some of the times, and not just a drama of the entertainment. Of course, in the play of the entertainment of the mass of things, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the fun, the things all have, but in addition to his own rather than to wear a high hat, hoping to have a little feelings and thinking, is the shop after the let everyone can have a little aftertaste, not only to eat a full meal after the light. domestic drama is too much do things by irregular waysIndelible designation Xu Ji Zhou also made special mention of the domestic TV now more than Ray drama, is the main reason for E-CIGARETTE CHINA the opportunistic too powerful, the script is too rough, to add some new points, not in play time, only in the socalled movement play, play time, finally out of the effect is to many modern drama, Hollywood movie and original martial arts films in the plot plot directly into play inside, so there will be the socalled mine drama. and for how to make a Hot E Cig kits good television drama, Xu Jizhou is considered, or to follow the basic laws of the creation of the arts, the real shot, the audience certainly still love to see.
Always walk at night every day, do things by irregular ways, shortcuts, certainly when turning in the furrow.