b micro Bo rivers and lakes click break 5 billion accumulation of 12 million loyal fans b amp| time: 2013 05 June 30 21:43} source: Qianlong Author: editor: Yang Dong amp| amp| p on the TV show house of cards successful let Netflix earned high praise

b micro Bo rivers and lakes click break 5 billion accumulation of 12 million loyal fans b amp; time: Disposable e cigarette 2013 05 June 30 21:43] [source: Qianlong] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong] amp; amp; p on the TV show house of cards successful let Netflix earned high praise, Chinese video website also ushered in the homemade milestone. recently, the 56 Network announced its homemade talk E-CIG CHINA show micro broadcast lakes cumulative amount of more than 500000000 times, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the average daily amount of more than 2000000, to refresh the domestic video site homemade program record. At the same time, the micro broadcast rivers and lakes female anchor silently Sina microblogging fans number is to reach more than 120000. Since 2011 began to build 56 production, the 56 Network has launched the micro broadcast lakes, music afternoon tea, and other files by young Internet users welcome homemade variety show. the success of the micro broadcast arena is clearly a trail to follow. As domestic Internet the first tranche of the comedy content and characteristics of the interpretation of talk show
, micro broadcast arena in the past two years has accumulated powerful fan effect. These fans called ink, Hot E Cig kits they love silently in
the program and interactive message board microblog and anchor. Ink on the micro broadcast arena love very persistent, they will not only influence side classmates and friends to become ink, and there are even a netizen one breath at the 14 hours to more than
100 programs read all. in order to facilitate the user through the mobile terminal to watch the program, the micro broadcast arena in the end of 4 launched an independent App, the current Android client has more than 100000 users. in E-CIGARETTE CHINA the past two years, the domestic video sites have been covered in homemade programs. Xiao said, cock wire men, homemade video site program received, not only let video website to obtain the confidence and experience the selfmade program, the more help in video sites to reduce procurement costs of copyright content. Along with the network video industry competition to enter the white hot stage, homemade content has become the key to highlight the contents of various brands, brand differentiation. , Mechanical Mod and RDA vice president of the company, 56 general manager Zhou Juan believes that the micro broadcast rivers and lakes, not only means that 56 produced
a young audience recognition, the
entire video industry has also made a reference for the program. p Zhou Juan said, micro broadcast the success of rivers and lakes are two key factors: first of all, 56 net has been implementation features of the original entertainment content, 56 produced inhouse programs is to cater to the mainstream Internet audience namely, the preferences of young Internet users; secondly, the micro broadcast arena content all come from the hotspot, and the use of the power of social networking sites, small broadcast arena almost viral spread in the social networking platform. ;