Author: Yan Shiyuan Xi Jinping

[ ]. Disposable e cigarette Author: Yan Shiyuan ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Xi Jinping, general secretary stressed: foster and promote the socialist core values must be based on the Chinese excellent traditional culture. Strong core values, all have their inherent fundamental. Abandon the tradition, throw away the fundamental, it is to cut off the spirit of their lifeblood. This important exposition reveals the inner link between the Chinese traditional culture and the Chinese traditional
culture, which includes the moral concept, and vigorously carry forward the socialist core values. In the new era, we must focus on the value Hot E Cig kits of the socialist core, the moral concept of the traditional culture, and focus on the creative transformation and innovation development work, so that the socialist core values become the behavior and moral standards of the whole society. Href= data the moral concept of Chinese excellent traditional culture is the important source of th
e socialist core values p Chinese excellent traditional cultural
heritage of the Chinese nation the most profound spiritual pursuit and value orientation, in particular, which contains rich and profound moral philosophy, generation after E-CIGARETTE CHINA generation of children provides spiritual refuge and soul dwelling, has become an important source of conservation of socialist
core values. p socialist core value view and speak of love, the people of this heavy, Shou credibility, advocating justice, and yet, for Mechanical Mod and RDA Datong of the Chinese traditional moral philosophy is closely related E-CIG CHINA to, come down in one continuous line. The core values of the socialist value goal at the national level to advocate prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, and the traditional culture of national unity, the pursuit of the ideal of the whole world as one community political beliefs, people only state feelings of the people, people with culture education philosophy, harmony but not Sameness the wisdom of life is the core values of socialism; value orientation in the social advocacy of freedom, equality, justice, rule of law,
from the traditional culture of imitation of nature, the harmony between man and nature concept of nature, keep to the center way of thinking and of the ruling ideology; socialist core values at the individual level values advocated patriotism, dedication, integrity, kindness, is the traditional culture Everyone is responsible for his country. patriotism, statecraft, unity practical reason, the concept of integrity, keep a promise inviolate loyalty and forgiveness of inheritance. socialist core values rooted in the rich soil of outstanding traditional culture, is in the page