Australian strategic policy

Data figure: port Darwin. Reference News Network reported in March 27th, said the U.S. media, Australia’s Darwin port is located in remote areas of northern Australia, the basic is a decline of the buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online old pier, has been extended to the waters of the crocodile infested. Not long ago, there was a stifling heat, but not a ship. According to the United States, "New York
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Penny Hardaway Shoes site reported, March 22, fiscal i like air max shoes tightening of the Northern Territory, the Australian government very happy can in October last year to 36 million and $10 million price low to a Chinese company, to the local infrastructure projects, to raise funds for construction. However, the decision to allow Darwin to participate in the United States, China and Australia in the geopolitical struggle. This month, the United States said it was worried about China’s access port, which may be more convenient to collect information in buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the United States and the Australian army. Critics say the Chinese have bought the US and Australia’s former spy activities in the Navy. Australian Department of Defense Secretary General Denis · Richardson can not accept such criticism. He said that the Chinese people just sit on the bench in the fish and chip shop, observed to enter the port of the vessel, you can know that they want to know. Reported that China has invested more than 20 overseas ports, one of which is located in Djibouti, adjacent to the United States and the United States military bases. But a 99 year lease at the port of Darwin, which means China’s first time from the United States to buy a close ally in the hands of a US Army stationed in the port. Reported that although the hardware is not like Darwin port, but it has been i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes a strategic value. In 1942 days, the Japanese in the Pearl Harbor dropped bombs. Had in the Australian Department of defence, executive director of the Peter & middot; Australian strategic policy; Jennings Jennings is the fear of a particular problem, fuel storage tank protection in Landbridge group rentable area. In order to express their anger, the American people in Australia, commissioned by the relevant aspects of the public opinion survey. The results show that nearly half of the respondents believe that the lease to make national security face a lot of risk, 90% of respondents believe that this will at least bring some risks. The Australian government has changed its policy in 18, saying that from now on, the federal investment review board will evaluate all of the private sector companies that sell state-owned key infrastructure deals. Port manager & middot; Terry; O Conner said that Australia will continue to operate the port. Reported that, despite these assurances, U.S. officials said they would pay close attention to Darwin, they are also observing whether the China Company will buy other important infrastructure in australia. Reported buy air max shoes online that when Obama in last November with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm & middot; Turnbull
Lebron James Shoes met in Manila. He knew to Darwin after leasing the sources, according i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes to a senior US official said, Obama said: "next time, please tell us in advance." Editor: Masawa Dongminmin sn184 article key words: Naval Port