August 12th

August 12th, the central parity of RMB, relative to the U.S. dollar, plunging 1008 basis points. Since the exchange rate reform in 2005, for the first time in a large margin, the exchange rate of the RMB exchange rate fell by 1.8% on the day of the day, a record twenty years, the largest single day depreciation. This is still in August 11th by the depreciation of 1000 percentage points on the basis of continuous depreciation. The course of unilateral appreciation of the RMB has ended 2011 six years ago, due to the high inflation rate in China, the real effective exchange rate of RMB exchange rate is close to 50%, the nominal exchange rate of more E-CIGARETTE CHINA than 30%. I in November 9, 2011 in the United Kingdom and the time of Wang Qishan, Deputy Prime Minister of a line of dialogue, directly to the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan
said, regardless of the Americans, Europeans, the Japanese how to Hot E Cig kits ask the Chinese yuan appreciation, you can not let the yuan continue to appreciate, because the appreciation is too large, the future depreciation will be more painful. The exchange rate was $1 for 6.10 Disposable e cigarette yuan. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA on the right and f
ront of the outside world, public opinion pressure is very great, that China has a large number of trade surplus every year, is due to deliberately underestimated. Western countries headed by the United States, has been strongly urged the Mechanical Mod and RDA Chinese government to appreciate the renminbi. American Nobel laureate Krugman in the British newspaper published an article, said, the Chinese government by an undervalued yuan, directly away from the u.s over the past 3
years, China’s foreign trade has a surprising reversal, from the original average annual growth rate of more than 20%, the number of units directly down to a very low. The yuan has also ended a unilateral appreciation of the process, the beginning E-CIG CHINA of a fall. In particular, in 2014, the probability of devaluation of the RMB has been significantly more than the probability of appreciation. yuan devaluation shock the two day of the central bank’s move to let the people, and even the world’s people feel unprepared. Concerned about the exchange rate and the Chinese economy to the people, can
not help but put forward a lot of problems have not been seriously considered. China’s macro economy in the end how, China’s economy is not it? once the RMB devaluation, will not have been down? the relationship between the RMB devaluation of China’s trade, economic growth and people’s lives? RMB devaluation, in the end to its including whether to join SDR, what is the impact? central bank and the Chinese government how to face the problem of devaluation of the RMB? overall, the devaluation of their own currencies, certainly not a good thing. Currency devaluation, may be due to the export blocked, or the overall decline in national strength. The pros and cons of the devaluation of the RMB in the short term, the devaluation of
the currency, but it is conducive to exports, can promote economic growth, reduce the outflow of rmb. However, the currency devaluation may affect the confidence of the whole country, enterprise and national. For