as well as the arrival of the era of chronic disease

The implementation of the national health insurance policy, the promotion of hospital management concept, as well as the arrival of the era of chronic disease, so that the proportion of patients with primary hospital medical insurance increased significantly. This is one of the most patients really need a reality in the diagnosis and treatment of hospitalized, but according to the traditional biology hospital standards, indeed, is playing the edge ball. There are some patients always feel comfortable at home during the day to finish the treatment of a variety of home, the next day as early as in front of the hospital ward came to the hospital. This makes it difficult to manage the hospital, so that there is a hospital in the hospital open, not to leave the hospital, the notice. Is to show the patient to go home at night is Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men not an
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Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes Sky Blue Whitelation of universal health care. Medicare patients at night is not in the hospital, bed fees, nursing fees still pay, which is not only a huge waste of medical resources in the hospital, but also a violation of medical insurance management. From the back of this phenomenon to see the medical management, in fact, also reflects the need for health care reform. The first is to revise the admission criteria for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. Change the simple biomedical model, according to bio psycho social medical model to system revise traditional disease diagnosis and treatment standards for admission and hospital standards, comply with the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases of rules, rather
Dwyane Wade Shoes Online Sale than in accordance with the traditional thinking of acute disease, invariably adhere to existing admission standards and hospital standards. Personal point of view, the first step in the management of chronic disease, that is, the patient to have a comprehensive and systematic hospitalization, through inpatient hospitalization, formulate scientific and standardized treatment programs; at least by a hospital, allow patients to master knowledge of health education in diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases; at least through a hospital, health behavior training, learn self management of chronic disease. Such hospitalization medical content, will subvert the traditional hospital treatment. Followed by the establishment of the day ward, the day ward into the scope of Medicare reimbursement, I like Nike foamposite one in order to save medical insurance hospital resources. Current information and network era, the mobile may ancillary medical equipment and technology popularization, and through the monitoring of remote nursing, can make patient at night to go home to rest, the suitable reform which is not Nike Air Max Sale For kids only to protect the health of patients, but also save resources for health care, make health insurance funds serving more patients. The problem is that the country’s medical management policy has not changed with the development of the times, still in accordance with the backward transportation, backward communications, backward management of the previous environmental policy to manage a highly developed information society. The third is to dialectical analysis and treatment of universal health insurance violations, to examine the correctness of the policy, the I buy Nike air foamposite one actual sex, the reform of social irrational medical management structure and health insurance management rules. When a common violations of the phenomenon, to analyze violations of social reason from the source, does that mean that the original policies and regulations is not in line with the current actual, or is said to have been hinder I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the development of current medical paper