Art contest on September 10

Art contest on September 10, held in Nanning children’s rehabilitation center, positive in the 31st National Teachers’ day, Nanning children’s rehabilitation center held fragrance full of plum and peach happiness special people the art teacher skills competition, in recognition of a group of 2015 excellent teachers. [detailed] Nanning to carry out PM10 hundred days crucial action in September 10th, reporters from Nanning City Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that, in order to ensure the completion of this year’s PM10 control objectives, Nanning City, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA city during the two sessions in September 1st, Nanning air pollution prevention and control work leading group will be carried out in Nanning city for 120 days to continue to improve the environmental air quality PM10. [detailed] Guangxi force to promote the integration of social insurance information for the simplified reporting procedures, and promote the efficient management of business, autonomous region of human resources and social security information center has developed a corporate social insurance selfhelp intelligent management platform, the platform is completed in the recent construction. [detailed] China ASEAN forum held in September 8th September 18th, reporters from

the autonomous region Statistical Bureau was informed that the 2015 China ASEAN forum will be held in Nanning in September 18th. [detailed] China ASEAN Cooperation
Forum will be held in Nanning in September 8th, the reporter learned from the Guangxi environmental protection agency, during the twelfth China ASEAN Expo, jointly sponsored by the environmental protection department and the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people’s
government, China ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum will be held in Nanning on September 1618 held in. The theme of this year’s forum is dialogue and Research on the environment sustainable development policy. [details] China ASEAN ecommerce summit focus on crossborder electricity providers 2015 China ASEAN ecommerce summit will be held in Nanning in September 18th. The summit will combine along the Mechanical Mod and RDA way, China ASEAN Hong and E-CIG CHINA other national key strategy, of crossborder business, Internet, public business innovation and peoples’, the current hot Disposable e cigarette spots of theme, subject setting, comprehensive multidimensional interpretation of ecommerce in the field of national key policy and hot issues. [detailed] Nanning city in August, air quality rate of 100% in September 6th, the reporter learned from Nanning environmental
protection monitoring station, following the June and May 2015 Nanning City air quality excellent rate of 100%, August Nanning urban air quality standards AQI rate and then reached 100%, of which air quality is excellent for 15 days, 16 days. [detailed] the Sixth China ASEAN mining cooperation forum will be held in September Hot E Cig kits 1st, 2015 sixth China ASEAN mining cooperation forum held in Nanning, the Forum Secretariat for the preparation of the current forum. As China ASEAN E-CIGARETTE CHINA Expo, China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit Series of activities, the current mining forum will be held in Nanning City, city in September 19th. [with] amp; charity flowers amp; Wei Xueming: public interest is my way of life Wei Xueming, Guangxi Guigang, everyone kind of calling her Kira. Odd]