another decision should not important factor in the duration of sexual life quality. Americans do a statistical

male orgasm most of the performance of ejaculation, ejaculation time is very short, only about 3 to 10 seconds. After ejaculation is also the end of the orgasm, this time the penis will gradually from the erection state. By sex experts survey report, about 17% male orgasm is a single anal contraction performance, contraction time can be slightly longer than the ejaculation time, about 1 to 2 minutes. After the climax, the anus will gradually relax at this time. A man’s reluctance to orgasm will affect the health of in some of the pure male gathering Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men place, some men will brag about how many times a night can be carried out in order to meet their own vanity. sifanghua in fact, this is a great misunderstanding. Young people due to physical and sexual
Jeremy Lin Shoes Online Sale function in a strong period, they should not be a relatively short period of time. So it is true that most young people can repeat many times of sexual life. But in addition to the physical factors, another decision should not important factor in the duration of sexual life quality. Americans do a statistical, sexual life time is short, quality worse, the refractory period is shorter; while the longer life time and higher quality. N
Mens Dwyane Wade II White Redamely, we should not period is relatively long. This survey statistics and most people think of the contrary, this is I like Nike foamposite one why it is fundamentally speaking, sex life is actually a character of the energy of the release process. Sexual life time is short, the quality is poor, the body of I buy Nike air foamposite one the accumulation of sexual impulse energy and not completely the body will have the energy demand. Therefore, at this time of the refractory period is relatively short; and in the long
Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Online Sale time and high quality of life, due to the accumulation of sexual impulse energy has been meet, completely the body will not again life needs. At this point, the most needed is the rest of the system, recovery. So, at this time should not I love Nike air foamposite pro be a relatively long period of time. The specific refractory period of the male is a kind of temporary closure system, which is a kind of temporary closure system, in order to facilitate the recovery of the function of the sexual system. Should not be forced to increase sexual stimulation, forced their sex life is to let the sex system overload. This is not conducive to Nike Air Max Sale For kids the recovery of the system, the longterm is also prone to sexual dysfunction, the emergence of sexual dysfunction. In clinical practice, can often admissions to such cases: premature ejaculation patients, in order to compensate their lack of, often forced to stimulate the sexual organs, repeated sexual life, which greatly increased the burden on the system. Long term, the body to carry out Therefore, in the sex life, the most critical is to let the accumulation of sexual impulse energy to get a complete which is a benign, high quality of life. And the simple pursuit of the
Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Online Sale number of times is difficult for women to bring a real climax. Two, no orgasm orgasm male orgasm is not produced by semen: some people have multiple sexual intercourse within one day, the last time sexual intercourse is often a pleasure without ejaculation. Reason for pleasure because of sexual organs, and pelvic floor muscle contraction as I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women usual occur without ejaculation of semen is due to repeated sexual intercourse has stored semen shot, resulting in pleasure, have ejaculation action without semen.