and then to the university president Frank. Not long ago

Original title: why do you want to
Nike All Stars Shoes let the young teacher on the podium after eight years? Central South University President Zhang Yaoxue. Nanfang Daily data access, the dialogue
Scotty Pippin Shoes with the world. Zhang Yaoxue served as president for 4 years. Academician of the Academy of engineering, China officials from the Ministry of education, Central South University president, to take drastic measures to promote a series of reform in Colleges and universities. Some of his educational thoughts, such as the young teacher on the podium 8 years to concentrate on research, teaching, traditional influence, now more than half of the time, waiting for the examination results. Zhangyaoxue in higher education as director, and management and the graduate Secretary of any degree, director of the office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 985 Project Director of the office, 211 Project Office Director of the office, in 2011, South Africa’s president is in place. This year’s "NPC and CPPCC" period, Zhang Yaoxue is almost "active" control the direction of debate and discussion, the end, and then to the university president Frank. Not long ago, Zhang Yaoxue in an interview in Nandu. In his opinion, the young teachers are lack buy air max shoes online of scientific experience and research attitude, is not suitable for undergraduate classes. Central South University’s reform is to meet the young teachers, but not on the podium for 8 years, they
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Black are also a lot of pressure to focus on research, and the results may mean to leave. On young teachers as they retain the 8 years of "academic adolescence" Southern: 2012 you as president buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of Central South University soon put forward some reform proposals, such as young teachers doing scientific research, 8 years of assessment, an associate professor at the podium teach. What is the purpose of your plan to promote the reform? Zhang Yaoxue: This is actually part of the overall reform of the Central South University. Central South University, there are a lot of old teachers, but the focus of the work of these professors, in the above study, the teaching task of undergraduate students. And young teachers on the one hand, it is necessary to undertake the task of scientific research, because there is no scientific research tasks in the future, he could not stand, on the other hand also bear the task of teaching, because the old professor is mainly engaged in scientific research projects, as an academic leader. In addition, such as the class teacher, such as the basic level of administrative
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes management, but also to bear young teachers. The young teachers have a heavy workload, and the family is very heavy, the children are very young, and their parents are very old. The young teachers have too many physical, physical and mental i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes health. Nandu: social concern is the young teachers for 8 years on the i like air max shoes platform, and then get worse in the ability and effect of the lecture to the students, don’t you worry? Zhang Yaoxue: there is buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online a big difference between college education and basic education, our country in this aspect are not clear. I personally think that although the basic education also stressed the importance of quality education, but relatively speaking, is a kind of examination oriented education. But the university education is not the University, is to solve the problem that face is the former did not solve the problem, or a part of the solution before, also continue to explore the problem. These problems may require the efforts of several generations. University i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes education is the ability to teach students how to study the problem. Nandu: young teacher class, how to protect their own interests? Zhang Yaoxue: in the past we have a misunderstanding, think teaching without money, wages. Our policy is that all the young teachers in the school reform