and has canceled the community to monitor. If these are registered in the outside of the cottage

Original title: part of the cottage community has been exposed after the event Xinhua News Agency reported
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes in July 2, 2015, the Chinese Artists Association consultant renowned performing artist herd of the Chinese Artists Association of the National Party congress. Network screenshot in "the Chinese Private Enterprise Association annual meeting, project page" on the page, "Chinese Private Enterprises Federation" said the organization on January 25, 2013 in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing held the annual meeting, singer Jiang Dawei sang. The Beijing News recently, the Ministry of civil affairs in China social organization network has been exposed in the 3 batch of a total of 228 offshore organizations, cottage community list, but also published a list of 3 organizations have been canceled after exposure. i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of civil affairs, said, will monitor the cottage community, to continue to carry out activities in the name of the organization in a timely manner. According to the NGO Management Bureau of the Ministry of buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online Civil Affairs Director Zhan Fu introduction, these cottage association is mainly mainland residents to use the territory of social organizations
Kevin Durant Shoes registration management system differences, registered in the registration conditions easing of countries and regions, such buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online as the United States, Austral
Kids Nike Air Max 90 VT K90VT06ia, Hong Kong, China. "These organizations through fraudulent money making activities, and the establishment of branch membership organization." Zhan Fu said that the cottage Association enrichment means there are development members, set up i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes branch collect dues, licence, award activity to collect money, engage in industry training fees and other ways, some copycat organisations directly on the racketeering enterprise. Zhan Chengfu said that the Ministry of civil affairs will be buy air max shoes online on the list of exposure dynamic management, timely updates, and has canceled the community to monitor. If these are registered in the outside of the cottage, unregistered or not obtain a temporary license to carry out activities, will be banned, the confiscation of the proceeds of illegal property, the person responsible
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes for warning, fines and even detention. Since the end of the Chinese Artists Association activities of the central media reports in the list of "cottage community", a "Chinese Artists Association, the domain name is, on the site introduced their own branches, to" the Chinese Communist Party of China Artists Association Committee starts. "To the government’s aura packaging themselves, is the trick of the cottage community." Ministry of civil affairs, the official said, this is reflected in the practice of Party organizations and government relations, is the use of the people of the "official standard" of the idea of camouflage. Reporters comb found, China Artists Association held a June 28, 2015 party representative meeting, the Xinhua net on this activity was reported in July 2nd. In the website of Xinhua, the news title of the Chinese Artists Association, the first national party representative held in Beijing, also missed a word will be. Except for Xinhua, Beijing, the i like air max shoes central broadcasting network are on March 22 this year, the journal sent a "Lv Chenwei went to Yan’an in China Artists Association party building work conference" as the title of the news, reported the working conference attended "China Artists Association organs of secretary of Party branch of Lv Chenwei". In addition, the reporter found that the people’s network in May 19, 2008 reported the exposure of the "China International Charity Foundation" to participate in a meeting; Tongren Guizhou River Tujia Autonomous County Government website in 2014 group