amp; amp; amp; one hundred years of repair with the boat crossing

amp; amp; amp; one hundred years of repair with the boat crossing, the Millennium repair pillow sleep, two different regions, different family background, different living habits of men and women to come together, it is fate. men and women to marry and live together under one roof, we must understand each other, mutual running, family happiness. Just like the car, gear must be after a period of running to all threads neatly tied up a harmonious longterm. amp; amp; amp; amp; component of a normal marriage, accounting for 50% of the sexual life, sexual life harmony can add unlimited fun to life, but the precondition is that both husband and wife should understand each other to understand each other’s thinking and understanding of each other’s body, to understand each other’s hobby and so on, i love jordan nubuck men in order to healthy and harmonious. to be said to understand each discount kids air jordan shoes other’s body, the main said is the body structure. 1, here to remind the special, women’s physiological structure is different from the male, the most important is the female reproductive system from outside to inside is the same, through the ab
Mens Air Jordan 11 New Whitedominal cavity. It is communicated with the inside and outside. So when the female genital infection, vaginitis, cervicitis, and will i love cheap jordans wholesale has been upward, causing endometritis, annex inflammation, tubal salpingitis, pelvic inflammation, peritonitis and systemic infection. In the menstrual period and sexual life must pay attention to health, to avoid infection, the impact of future fertility. amp; 2, women with menstrual cycle, ovarian axis regulation, meaning i like air jordan shoes men female endocrine system is regulated by the hypothalamus pituitary ovarian function regulation, these organs restrict each other, form the role of positive and negative feedback, in menstrual cramps. This endocrine regulation by the influence of the spirit, and therefore the safety period is not safe, there will be an accident of ovulation and accidental pregnancy. At the same time by the impact of mental factors will occur menstrual disorders, affect the menstrual cycle, the impact of pregnancy. Now the social environment in order
Air Jordan 11 New Packing Men Wholesale to minimize the pressure on all aspects, to relax, you can in a certain extent, the endocrine in a coordinated state. amp; 3, i like lebron james 2014 female menstruation is because non pregnancy and uterine endometrium peeling, cause bleeding, in the uterine endometrium and blood through the cervix can out of the in vitro. When the menstrual period if there is a life, when orgasm uterine contraction will will squeeze into the muscular layer of the endometrium and blood, or from the fallopian tube to squeeze into the pelvic, the formation of endometriosis, including chocolate cyst and uterine adenomyosis, gradually aggravate dysmenorrhea and pelvic adhesion, ultimately affect the pregnancy. This is just one reason caused by endometriosis, so the menstrual period prohibited intercourse is justified. 4, in the menstrual period, early pregnancy reaction, menopause, because of the hormone levels of discount lebron james website the hormone levels of turbulence and the emergence of emotional changes. To menstruation is restlessness, irritability, chest up, feeling, called premenstrual tension; early will have grievances,
Air Jordan 1 New Packing Men Wholesale nausea, unresponsive, poor memory,
Air Jordan New Packing Shoes Wholesale discomfort, serious water meters, forming hyperemesis gravidarum; menopausal hot flashes, irritability, temper, temper the ancient.