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amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; [Ereli network news] on March 25, 2009, by iResearch Consulting Group sponsored by the Chinese Internet annual summit in Beijing Kerry Center grand opening. This year will bring together the Internet from all walks of life to participate in, combined with the full year research fruit, invited industry experts, the 09 years of new economic development direction and problems were discussed. The following is a senior marketing manager of the marketing department of Sohu Ge Chengzhi entitled portal to the new market environment change, the wonderful speech. Yu Yongfu: Thank you, Ai Rui, for this opportunity, I believe that all of you have a wonderful vision of the internet. I think we should have a job, is to let us more people to use the mobile Internet, we want to promote the entire mobile Internet users, and even we can encourage the whole nation to use mobile Internet? I share with you a few parts, a mobile Internet understanding, one is the judgment of the trend. First of all, we want to define the definition of the mobile Internet, we are the most important distinction between mobile Internet is on the terminal, i
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Skyblue White Blackf you take a laptop is a wireless way, we think it is the original internet. In order to define the two different we call PC the Internet, one is called the mobile Internet, is a terminal distinction. below to share our understanding of the current situation of the pattern, there are three points. The first point is that the PC Internet is a global market, the mobile Internet is the regional market. Today we may be in the United States to buy a computer in Japan installed system, which uses the network application without any problem. I’m going on a business trip to Australia tomorrow, and I have nothing to do with the Internet. If we come today to a friend of the United States, he took the phone to China is not as PC can use the network this is not to do. So from the end of the network system and the application of these aspects of the PC Internet is a global market. As a mobile phone is concerned, is a regional market, which is a very important difference for our pattern. second to share is the United States, China, Japan, three very important mobile Internet market in the region, the industry chain structure and differences across the three markets is a very obvious difference. The top five terminals in the three regions are quite different, in the top five in China are we use NOKIA, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, in Japan is NEC, in the United States may be apple, and so on, why there is such a result we believe these international giants? Terminal manufacturers do not because of technical reasons leading to such a situation, because the pattern of industrial chain. Third on the pattern of summary, is not Wintel in the field of mobile Internet, if the PC Wintel Internet such a I believe if we do a lot of people in the browser will be crazy, very lucky we believe that the mobile Internet from the current operating system has many problems, but also bring a lot of

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