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Original title: bus IC card detain gold alleged overcharging State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the 8th announcement pointed out, the current water supply, power supply, gas supply, public traffic, funeral and other industries of the mandatory trading, overcharging, bundling, additional unreasonable trading conditions and other restrictions on competition and monopoly is very prominent. From April until October, will be carried out in the country focused on remediation of public enterprises to restrict competition and monopolistic behavior of special enforcement action. "Provided by the public enterprises is basic public products and public service, is related to the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of operators and consumers," administration of industry and commerce, pointed out that the user the first time to apply for a bus IC card, bus companies charge or disguised charge was significantly higher than the cost price of fee or deposit; in the public transportation IC card management, forced or in disguised form forced passengers accept its designated operators to provide extension buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online services or overcharging, all belong to the business of illegal behavior. SAIC requires all public enterprises to carry out self-examination, consciously correct illegal i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes behavior. To take the initiative to correct the violations and rectification, punishment. Also welcome from all walks of life and consumers, complained to the local industry and commerce, market supervision and management department report water supp
kids Nike Air Max Zero 151022053ly, power supply, gas supply, public traffic, funeral and
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes other industry companies i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes allegedly in violation of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law", "anti-monopoly law" behavior. Beijing card deposit 20 yuan can be refunded "IC card deposit will not be charged," Beijing consumer buy air max shoes online rights and Interests Protection Law Society executive vice president Qiu Baochang made it clear that bus IC card is equivalent to the paper ticket, passenger travel vouchers, its cost has been reflected in the fare should not operators charged separately. Qiu lawyers said, analogy, you go to the food market to buy food, hawkers in addition to receive food money, don’t because the dish must be weighed, also received scale money not? IC card operating costs should not be passed on to consumers, operating costs should not be charged by splitting up. Live expert Wang Yi Ministry of Construction Committee of experts said that if the bus IC i like air max shoes card deposit more than 10 yuan, in any city, are likely to lead to doubts. "As far as I know, Yangzhou bus card fee is 5 yuan, although the card can not be returned, but the pricing of five dollars, most people can accept. Bus card now
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes has more and more consumption function, will be used not only by bus, so the back of the card is less. Beijing is first-tier cities, the price is certainly more expensive than Yangzhou, but 20 yuan a little high." According to reports, the Beijing public, the widespread use of public travel is the municipal transportation card IC card. According to regulations, users bid for the card, each card is required to pay a deposit of 20 yuan; for the recovery card back card, deposit refund. According to the "Beijing Evening News" Xian Chang Tong card cost 18 yuan Xian city card limited liability company issued Chang Tong card can be used in the bus, public bicycle, subway, parking, rest assured breakfast and buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online many other consumer items, divided into "rental version of the ordinary card", "memory card", "sales version of the ordinary card", "shaped card", "discount card" (the old card and student card). Among them, the ordinary card
Kevin Durant Shoes per card fee 18 yuan. A lot of people in Xi’an that fee is too expensive and lost is non refundable, more make it difficult for them to accept is that Chang Tong card there is no real name system, card if lost, the card stored the Bureau

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