According to the China conditions

According to the China conditions, using dialectic thought, philosophy, economics and non brick house is not playin empty talk, Mr. Lu Xun said the ISM, can have Chinese embarked on the construction of characteristic system of stock market capital market from the following aspects, gradually formed the national initiative Manniu Market: A, above macro a year of listing Corporation dividend for reference, according to the proportion of financing that science is the number of total RMB billion i like lebron james 2014 yuan, the number of additional shares and the number of IPO distribution by market value can not exceed the total a calculated by the authorities, that is a bottomless pit; 4, bold innovation, ton output capacity, completely abolished unreasonable speculative system, from system do no loopholes instead of plugging the loopholes, such as ETF arbitrage, stock index futures registration system. To guide the big money into the stock market, rather than rely on the national team to rescue the market, a waste of national strength. Program i like air jordan shoes men speculative trading a
Mens Air Jordan 12 New Brown Blackccount will be clear at a glance. Before is institutional funds and retail consistent bullish profit, now reduced to institutional fund arbitrage exclusive, easily lure more backhand lever empty single onesided short the market, speculative arbitrage with irresistible force! five, effectively protect the interests of small investors, large shareholders to reduce, must first have a dividend. Will increase or decrease the number to, must not be greater than the dividend of 1 and a half or less, let listed companies to concentrate on profitability, and not of misappropriating cash, to achieve winwin situation of listed companies and investors! six, new regulations: within half a year or 10% or 1%. In order to change the time and space can prevent the holdings of major shareholders fast placement of misappropriating, and prevention mechanism for fund investors to follow suit and
Air Jordan 13 New Packing Men Wholesale stir fry, take rise slowly falling faster way to curb excessive speculation! br time shares misunderstanding: stir time shares that to dilute expensive objective economic laws, mailao stocks to buy shares, to the detriment of the old old listed company shareholders interests, this practice is like drinking poison to quench thirst, must take measures time shares within six months or 1% 10% decline curb excessive speculation in the new time, avoid with storm rose slump! br construction with Chinese characteristics of the capital markets system, go15. Gradually guide the transition to the value of the investment, create a Manniu environment, creating winwin situation of China’s economy. br
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