according to Ai Rui consulting recently released the 2010 China href= nofollow role play

according to Ai Rui consulting recently released the 2010 China href= nofollow role play, racing and action class into the most popular mobile phone standalone game 2010 China mobile game users favorite mobile phone standalone game, role play game type ranked first, the user accounted for 55%; at the same time, more than half of the mobile game users choose the car game, the user accounted for 51.1%; in addition, the game is also highly respected, users accounted for 49.9%. Ai Rui consulting analysis, from the above types of mobile phone game types can be found, there is a certain difference between the mobile phone standalone game and the PC side of the game on the user preferences. Due to the small mobile phone screen, poor operability, so it ha
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Red Spring Green Saddle Browns the advantages of simple operation, easy to display, the plot is rich or competitive mobile games, by the majority of mobile game users of all. free download, props to pay the most mobile phone users to pay the potential p according to the survey data, 2010 China mobile game users tend to pay the phone in a single game, for free download and props pay is most users pay will form of the game; pay a onetime download has also been welcomed by users, users accounted for 29.9%. p according to users with paid survey results will mobile game machine, iResearch analysis that have clear charges boundaries or rules, and does not affect the charges in the form of the single cell phone game integrity, it is generally accepted by the majority of mobile game users charges in the form of, amp; try fun activation of amp; and amp; game pack Downloads amp; charge form, users received poor. Ai Rui consulting has recently launched the 2010 China Mobile Game User Behavior Research Report, according to the report of 23 in 2010 and 10 mainstream mobile phone website online survey data on mobile game users basic properties, mobile Internet behavior and mobile game service is better, and proposed a mobile game industry development strategy based on research data analysis, please pay attention! ;

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