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12 hours of field express little brother days of the original title: Sina News broadcast: pay close attention to the ordinary work of every citizen are worth be understood China Network April 28 hearing if from the United Nations public interview candidates 2016gicvr just to see the tall Sina video seminar live secretary, Sina News Center Service Description "12 hour broadcast day encounter express little brother alive, we see another dimension of Sina News: grounding, feel energetic, understand the user. Recently, a courier’s "little brother" because of its contact and touch the vehicle was hit the news caused widespread concern, after the incident, it seems that the industry is generally concerned about the courier industry and enterprises. In the Sina News Editor’s reflection, when it comes to public opinion, the little brother is playing, what are we talking about? More and more people are unable to express, we have i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes no way to make their own life and work mode has been reported, we all know, so as to better understand this career? As a result, they have launched a broadcast to restore the true state of public expression. Four watch channel full coverag
Womens Nike Air Max Zero 150529033e, high exposure is Sina News, Sina News to the News Corporation to send a message to the 2 edit, contact the courier company, conducted a 12 hour mobile broadcast. Down to the ground of the news topic, has attracted wide attention of the user. In the Sina network and mobile phone sina online, PV, UV more than one million, respectively, pv107.5 pioneer uv105.2 million.
http://www.lonelyseaman.com/social/blogs/viewstory/247013 About micro-blog’s spread of the topic, the same heat. Title buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online 50 million + micro-blog theme page: 28 million 120 thousand, discussion time: read, read the title. Micro-blog topic for 6 million micro blog users push the site, any live can achieve a high intensity of exposure, perhaps Sina News Network paradise". In the video broadcast applications, get 190 thousand points praise, 9186 comments. Sina News aggregation of the whole network resources,
Nike Air Max 87 II Women customer integration, mobile phone sina, micro-blog and other resources, the overall promotion, is the unique advantage of Sina i like air max shoes News broadcast. @ headline news microblogging 12 consecutive hours of uninterrupted mobile video broadcast, "zero distance" from the user i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes experience more and more, people used to watch the video and mobile internet life
Nike Air Pegasus 30 Women form, in addition to change people’s way of entertainment, is also quietly changing the definition of news website. Radio sent 2 edit, contact the courier company, is a 12 hour "little brother", a day of "all-weather" life. News topic, "warm life" concept, "our goal is from a relatively objective point of view,
Nike Air Max Zero Women is to show the original ecology of the little brother, no modification to the daily work. Although this up to 12 hours of life, but only to show buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the face of the courier industry. But we want to be able to allow more grassroots employees to see this more representative of the crowd. This is their hard work, we will be able to enjoy a variety of low-cost living facilities, to participate buy air max shoes online in the editing of mobile video broadcasting information operations group, said. this point