About Internet brokerage on recent and friends on Internet brokerages have some discussion

About Internet brokerage on recent and friends on Internet brokerages have some discussion, together with some of their own thinking in conjunction with the summary record, but also as try to a model of the analysis of Internet companies, admittedly increase of Internet banking has been great, even if it is witness to the height of the mentality, should also be prepared twophase confirms to witness, the process for the future to analysis of a draught of Internet companies are also considered beneficial experience. One, traffic intelligent machines to spread the popularity of financial and financial entrance traffic. 1, intelligent machine transformation of china. E-CIGARETTE CHINA Intelligent machines to replace the newspaper as the center of information flow, is about to replace the bank card into the capital flow center. 2, electricity suppliers to upgrade the financial network. In the 1990s in the United States made the richest man, billion in real estate made the richest man, zero in Alibaba made the richest man, a decade financial network of the batch made the richest man. 3, the liberation of
the feet, the flow of traffic growth of the road has no end. The Internet from computer to mobile phone as a representative of the intelligent terminal, in fact, is the liberation of
the computer bou
nd feet anytime information and cash flow, the impact on the securities industry is obvious. Don’t you see how much V to the tourism side dish, workers no longer cover on the computer frequently ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA switching window. More people will be involved in this process E-CIG CHINA in the old house, the new entry is not completed under the premise, almost no end. 4, social and curing traffic. Social viscosity, the flow of activity to enhance the value of a huge, high social platform will
have a high premium. Two, Hot E Cig kits the platform around the flow of building platform, realized through the platform flow. 1, trading platform, consultative Mechanical Mod and RDA platform. Now almost Zixun with flush, Eastern wealth view, trading more convenient flush. Trading this is now the Internet platform and brokerage pipeline pipeline, the future brokerage license opening, or the acquisition of the chamber of Commerce to change this pattern, which is also a test of brokers. 2, Internet banking product sales platform. Funds, bank financing, all kinds of treasure, Oriental wealth has advantages. Future introduction of private, P2P, the public and other Internet financial products is only a matter of time. 3, investment consulting and information management platform. Now is mainly a number of charges, shortterm treasure, LEVEL12, etc Future market, based on the huge flow of product design, asset
management will be the focus of this piece. 4, brokerage collection platform. Brokerage entrance, the total capital entrance. The best case is that the broker is responsible for innovative product design, the Internet platform is responsible for the promotion, sales, similar to the pattern of taobao. Otherwise go to do Jingdong mode, self built logistics channel, waste of resources, vicious competition, is a double lose outcome. 5, advertising business platform. Due Disposable e cigarette to the user’s reasons, the Internet traffic is high net worth, the most suitable for automotive, jewelry, watches, wine and other products, advertising business valuation should be higher. Three, the risk of 1, brokers is the enemy is a friend? Brokers also get rid of the pipeline, turned to platform, mobile terminal software is also on the line, and the broker as a whole to see the collection of capital markets, the future of mutual competition or cooperation and winwin, are unknown. 2, the bull market? In fact, the bull market.