a sudden news in the circle of friends: Wu Guoping

yesterday, a sudden news in the circle of friends: Wu Guoping, chairman of the chain of food chain, grandmother to retire. p this is undoubtedly cast a heavy bomb in the Hangzhou dining industry: furnace fish brand is shop around the country, noodle three thousand feet, has just in the pink circle, flagship unarmed cuisine hands, is about welcoming In recent years, the pace of expansion of the main public consumption grandma to allow peer envy. At this time, handsome Wu Xiubo Wu Uncle to retire, whether this is misinformation? I’m going to change the track. Wu Guoping yesterday to accept the Qianjiang Evening News reporter interviewed admitted that he has Mechanical Mod and RDA to be very mature, is willing to share my experiences with young people. It is understood, grandma’s stick will be transferred to the partner Tong Biao will be inaugurated as chairman, after 80 Qiu Xiaohua took grandma president. but I’ve E-CIGARETTE CHINA been married to my grandma’s house, and E-CIG CHINA I’ve been a man of it all my life. Has always been very clear Wu Guoping’s trying to sending outgoing messages in a brisk tone: officially announced will be on October 13, why to choose this day, please everyone guess. 16 years of hard work grandmot
her home catering never thought that companies are their own p Disposable e cigarette Wu Guoping’s friends Xu Genhui in the micro channel in the circle of friends with emotion: he told me he is about to retire, saying this, he also
don’t arrive 50 years old. Hot E Cig kits In his
nearly 50 years of life, twenty years dedicated to the scholarly and fifteen years dedicated to the stateowned enterprises and 15 years created in today’s China’s most competitive and fashion of the culinary empire. p Uncle Wu entrepreneurial story actually Hangzhou people are already familiar, or even become a wealth example, inspired a lot of people who have entrepreneurial dreams. is too busy, identity cards are basically impossible, because both of them apply for business license of the store. Wu Guoping said with a smile, he was half the
time in a year on a business trip. in the last few years, my grandmother sent and get out of hand, blossom everywhere in the country after another. Fort speed, games, the second movement, furnace fish, gold grandmother and other different positioning of the brand have landed, the high price makes grandma on the network also make no apology for having become king popularity around the restaurant. These years, grandma took Hangzhou cuisine to the country, everywhere is queuing. In so many cities, so many people welcome, as a Hangzhou people, I am very happy. in everyone’s opinion, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA grandma is in
the highspeed development period, Wu Guoping how at this time to? I had 16 years of catering, I also anxiety, for the succession of the things like a long time. p he told Qianjiang Evening News reporter, he had never thought of enterprise is its own, taking into account the enterprise development in the future, to young people in decisionmaking, training and development opportunities for