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Moderator: the party’s 95 years of glorious history, there are many people, always remember the memory of the brand in my mind. Huang tax: when the revolution is the most difficult time, as long as a slogan, our party and the masses will follow the reaction to form an irresistible force. The root cause is that our party has been active since its establishment, rooted in the fertile soil of the
Nike Air Max 87 Women Shoes people, the will of the party on behalf of the people, so as to obtain the inexhaustible motive force of revolution and the source of success. The party’s history has repeatedly warned us to do mass work, is always the party’s trump card, in an invincible position and the necessary lessons. This point under the leadership of the party, the Anyuan coal mine workers movement of the history of fully reflected buy Nike Air Max 87 Women Shoes and fully demonstrated. Ten years of Anyuan labor movement, the party in the early history of the successful example of the masses of the three things, namely: to let the people know the party and the whole heart, believe that the party, firmly grasp the party. To let people know that the party is the premise of the party’s claims, from. Only through the understanding, understanding and acceptance of the masses,
Womens Nike Air Max 87 14071706 can we really stand on the basis of the class foundation, to consolidate and expand its social basis. Anyuan 95 years ago, in the face of severe multiple exploitation and oppression, most of them are illiterate, how to let them know the party, close to the party? In the fall of 1921, Mao Zedong first check the Anyuan, first select the identity and the name of the visit to Hunan First buy Nike Air Max 90 AAA Women Shoes Normal School Affiliated elementary school teacher’s identity and Hunan fellow workers and the masses, to Anyuan to kiss members of the workers. When people have respect for teachers, and workers have nearly half of the farmers from Hunan, the popularity of geo politics, all of the closure, it is easy to resonate with the workers. Secondly, Mao Zedong is good at using the workers to understand the language, say their concerns.
http://whcrj.gov.cn/blog/member.asp?action=view&memName=NaomiCourts001524 He told the workers to change their own tragic fate, unite. When the workers do not understand what is the meaning of unity, Mao Zedong has two times with a vivid metaphor to tell. Once he used "a small stone, a foot is kicked, if a lot of pebbles cemented with lime, so it is not easy to move" the truth, explaining mode and function of worker solidarity. Another time, he
Nike Air Max 90 AAA Women Shoes used the "chopsticks a bad, if it is, and the importance of a pair of chopsticks folding, unity and continued" reasons, educators, so that workers directly and intuitively understand the party’s requirements. To let the people believe that the party is the key to carrying out the party’s mission. Just let the people know that the party is not enough, but also let the people wholeheartedly believe in the party, the buy Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Women Shoes party only people’s trust and support, there is a fundamental victory. Party at different times. In their efforts for the party and the people at the expense of the greatest effort to work for the people, for the people’s interests, to forgive, to make people really see the true faith in the party and in good faith. The people also believe that the party from two aspects of the facts and
Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Women Shoes the heart, and then deeply agree and respond to the party’s thinking and call. Therefore, Anyuan party made unremitting efforts, such as start-up workers cram schools and schools for the children of employees and workers enjoy the, first, equal access to education; provide staff consumer cooperatives, copper coupons issued, to ensure that employees holding coins from the middle of the second development; train driver has the advantages of convenient use from 6 parity