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Video loading. Please wait… Play "autoplay" deepen reform leading group meeting before backward and to the China Central Television Network News (News Network): General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and chairman of the Central Military Commission Chairman, comprehensively deepen reform of the central group leader Xi Jinping June 27 PM presided over in central comprehensively deepen reform leading group five of 20 at
Nike Air Max 95 360 Women Shoes the time of the meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the place is an important force to promote reform. Party committees at all levels should resolutely implement the Party Central Committee reform to deploy, firmly establish the political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, awareness of the core, consciousness, to enhance the reform of centralized, reform of resource aggregation, stimulate innovation and vitality, the practical realization of buy Nike Air Max 95 360 Women Shoes the objectives and tasks, to achieve precision landing "," exploration and innovation, tracking performance and security mechanism, more fruitful reform efforts. CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, the central comprehensive deepening reform leading group deputy head, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Gaoli attended the meeting. Meeting examined and adopted the "on the improvement of the people’s deputies to the National People’s Congress on behalf of the people’s Congress system
Womens Nike Air Max 95 360 W53011 views", "on to promote the views on the reform of criminal procedure", the opinions on the establishment of the standard of national ecological civilization pilot area, the national ecological civilization test area (Fujian) implementation plan "," on accelerating credit monitoring, early warning and punishment mechanism construction of opinions ", Hainan Province" Regulations "pilot reform report", around the 2015 to deepen reform, promote the work and recommendations of the buy Nike Air Max 95 Women Shoes comprehensive report ". The meeting pointed out that the people’s Congress system has a strong vitality, the key lies in deeply rooted in the people. To improve the system of people’s Congress and the people’s Congress system, the purpose is to establish a sound system of effective use of the mechanism, so that the people’s Congress better and more closely linked to the masses. What kind of work
http://dengines.stupid-photo.com/user/ZackMerriam192/ to promote representative of ties with the masses of the working platform and network platform construction, a clear link, perfect the way of contact, to establish and perfect the representative reflect the opinions of the masses of the people and the feedback mechanism. People’s congresses at all levels to fulfill their duties, contact the masses, and actively promote the party’s policies and policies and the party’s major decisions
Nike Air Max 95 Women Shoes and arrangements to promote the settlement of the outstanding issues of concern to the masses. State organs at all levels should attach great importance to and seriously deal with the views and aspirations of the masses of the people on behalf of the masses, study and improve the work, and effectively solve the problem. The meeting stressed that promote center trial system reform, based on China’s national conditions buy Nike Air Max 2009 Women Shoes and judicial practice, play a test trial, especially the trial, evidence of the important role, the protection of right of prosecution, judicial cognizance, prompted the establishment of investigators must bear legal philosophy in ascertaining the facts, through the court’s trial procedure justice to realize judicial entity justice, to prevent miscarriages of justice, promote judicial justice. Should focus on to solve outstanding problems in criminal justice, of evidentiary adjudication
Nike Air Max 2009 Women Shoes requirements, the implementation of each part in criminal procedure, perfect criminal illegal evidence elimination system, strictly enforce the expert witness, testify, improving the criminal law aid, promote case to simplify shunting, establish judicial rules of criminal litigation system and more consistent. The meeting pointed out that the establishment of a unified national ecological civilization demonstration zone standards, the purpose is to carry out the comprehensive reform of the system of ecological civilization

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