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In the arrangement of a classroom, the reporter found that a lot of forty to fifty year old women sitting on the bed talk, the content is who suffered a loss. "We are Shuangqiao Village, her husband working in the south, they tomorrow morning will be home, Shuo community Shuangqiaoshan village Mei Xiang Zhou told reporters, her husband in the field, children outside the school, home only she and more than 80
Nike Max 90 Current Moire Women Shoes year old father-in-law," but fortunately, the old father-in-law does not matter, or her husband to come back to me can not explain the. " Mei Xiang Zhou told reporters recalled that when she was a neighbor chuanmen, suddenly the sky dark down, then just like the night stretch hand to not to see the five fingers. "I was also said, not, this is the wind or rain, ah, how so horrible!" She buy Nike Max 90 Current Moire Women Shoes said, "followed by the neighbor’s two-story building on the roof was blown off, the walls also followed the collapse, the things in the house continue to be swept away by the wind." Run out from a neighbor’s house, she found that her family of 8 houses all become ruins, tractors have been displaced, the sun can not find, the village of wire rod and a row of large leaves fall. After a
Womens Nike Air Max TN WTN07 tornado, she is ready to call her husband, who knows no signal, but soon to contact her husband. Shuangqiao Village in before the construction of the building, the second layer basically is ripped off, many houses collapsed, many villagers scared ran out of the house to escape unharmed, "if it is night tornado occurred. Everybody was asleep, so the number of casualties is likely to be greater." Zhou Meixiang said. At the buy Nike Air Max 2014 Women Shoes age of 62 villager Jia Zhaohua on both sides of the street many houses collapsed and after lodging a telegraph pole on the block in the street, the car wouldn’t go to open, had much to stop at the side of the road. "Found the wounded can only be used on a stretcher, if you encounter a pile of brick, by the person in front to collusion, because the stretcher difficult to
http://bbs.wg920.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=511560&do=profile cross the bricks. In another classroom, a father and son to sit on the mat, how also don’t want to sleep, the dirty clothes are not enough time to change. I lived 80 years of age have not experienced such a tornado, I did not expect the house after the wind all over the house, the walls and feet high." From Li Huairen told reporters, "I was almost buried in the collapsed
Nike Air Max 2014 Women Shoes houses." Son Li Jun said, his father was buried in the brick below, is his hand plane up. "I don’t have a house to live in, and I have no sleep," said Li Huairen to his son. "The family are not injured, is already very lucky, later can rebuild a house down, as long as people are all right," Li comfort father said. Li Huairen said that the village has asked all buy Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Shoes the villagers to the placement of the night; the village arrangements for the inspection, to ensure the safety of the villagers property. About 24 midnight, the reporter arrived at the resettlement point, the school playground parked on a variety of vehicles, there are police cars, private cars, voluntary service vehicles, there are more than a dozen victims have been sent to the resettlement point. Five or six volunteers carrying supplies of vehicles
Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Shoes are busy handling food, drinking water and other relief supplies. Shuo Feng Bing of community residents, from the June 23 afternoon 2:30 disaster, in a private car to help transport the wounded and rushed to the hospital in Funing County, Yilin hospital to 24 o’clock at night, has been sent to the four times, five to six individuals. When the reporter saw him, he has 10 hours without rest, drinking bottled water, eating bread. Feng Bing said: "a city