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Ming: million bags of cash to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting to vote on the afternoon of April 28th at the twentieth meeting of such a report: Chen Xuefeng, Zhu and other representatives of the National People’s Congress on behalf of the other. Chen Xuefeng, is not only the former standing committee of Henan provincial Party
Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Womens Shoes committee, former party secretary of Luoyang, is a national labor model. The committee said that in January of this year, he began to accept organizational surveys. Chen Xuefeng Central Plains "two tigers". Address management scheme (micro channel ID:guanhaijiejv) reporter found 2014, including Chen Xuefeng, at least six people were awarded a national model worker, in the later development buy Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Womens Shoes gradually deviated from the stick to the road, a serious and responsible work attitude, these people are diligent, do not spend a penny, but the increase of power, more and more temptation, but was eventually greedy step by step to crime road. Chen: Chen bag million yuan in cash, 1950 years, senior engineer, University part-time professor and doctoral
Womens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar W90LUN05 tutor is the former party secretary of the Hunan Provincial Communications Department, was awarded the "Mao Yisheng Bridge Award, 2000, Jinzhai AKI was named" national model worker ". But this is full of positive energy figures step by step into the abyss of corruption. 2000, Chen Mingxian was appointed deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Communications Department; 2008, buy Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens Shoes was appointed party secretary of the party secretary of communications party secretary. The rapid development of Hunan expressway traffic management system. He presided over the construction of south Guangdong Haihe River Bridge, Mei Sha Xiang Bei River Bridge, Anhui Tongling Yangtze River Bridge in Nanchang Bayi Bridge, Nanjing following the Yangtze River Bridge, Yueyang Dongting Lake Bridge, large
http://web.frf.cc/comment/html/index.php?page=1&id=81287 and super large bridge, 26 times obtained national and provincial science and technology achievement award and the national patent, Hunan Province is the highest science and technology award 11 Guangzhao science and Technology Award "for his strict and scientific management, create a road and bridge construction Tiejun," Lu Qiao Xiang army "to create a precedent for the provincial
Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens Shoes team. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River bridge construction become aluminum state leaders transportation industry. In the honor of increasing its power, Chen Mingxian did not insist that he is innocent, background knowledge. Chen Mingxian recalls that when thousands of all kinds of Hunan highway construction bidding, competition. Hunan section of the highway is buy Nike Air Max 90 Fusion Womens Shoes divided into 3 billion yuan, 1 yuan, according to the unspoken rules of the industry intermediary costs, generally 5% – 3% of the contract price, that is, offer can let the intermediary from a sum of 300 million yuan of money more than 1 billion yuan commission. Solution Bureau (micro channel ID:guanhaijiejv) reporter combing public media reports: Secrets,
Nike Air Max 90 Fusion Womens Shoes politicians in Hunan, Chen Kewei is domineering addicted to money, personality has no color. At that time, many of Hunan’s transport system at the scale of the five Stars Hotel. Hunan Province, iron and steel, cement, street lamps and other downstream industries gathered here, at this stage, the boss and Chen Mingxian mahjong, they will let Chen Mingxian win not lose. In addition, Chen Mingxian’s "real model