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a href rel = polyphonic Ms. Ling Disposable e cigarette as issued by the local court civil mediation book exhibition. human reproduction by the woman to complete, this should be the most basic knowledge of human development to the present, according to this common sense, whether the birth, the final initiative should be Mechanical Mod and RDA mastered in the hands of women. However, in our country, the E-CIG CHINA right of women’s reproductive rights, to our feeling is really in the harsh. A few days ago, the controversy on the frozen eggs seems to open the tip of the iceberg of female fertility discrimination, men frozen sperm, and women frozen eggs are illegal, in the shouting men and women equal today, this law is the right of men and women, this is a legal point of view of a manmade injustice, is a serious discrimination against women. today, and a message to believe that we were shocked, Sichuan, 40 year old Ms. Ling in February with Mr. Mao, 4,; found himself pregnant. Ms. Ling said her husband suspicious, always suspect the child is not his, but also often drink Hot E Cig kits beatings she. No, Ms. Ling filed a petition for divorce to
the court in June 16. After that, Ms. Ling to the local family planning department for birth certificate, the defendant is not in accordance with the conditions of the birth certificate. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA divorce does not meet the requirements for the handling of the quasi birth certificate? So the discrimination against women, it is to this extent, Ding Dingzhen did not know the rules come from?
first of all, this provision is of course the human nature of the trample. Ms. Ling is pregnant, the child in his belly is a life, now, but don’t allow her to live, that can only let her kill the children in the belly? Such an approach is not cruel? Is this human nature? We are all from the womb to the world, think what we’re going to come to this world, turned out to be so lucky, not to mention mother gave birth to us pay too much suffering, the original there are so many artificial restrictions. However, we are so easy E-CIGARETTE CHINA to kill the children in the belly, which with the birth of a child after killing a child to have the essential difference? Miss Ling pregnant can not live, this is not a kind of human nature of the trampled? second, this provision is also a violation of the law. Ms. Ling is able to make a sound through
the media, because her pregnancy is
lucky, because even in the strict legal premise, she is equipped with today’s strict laws of pregnancy, is equipped with the conditions of children. According to the current China’s marriage law provides that: the woman during pregnancy, childbirth or within 6 months after the termination of pregnancy, the man may not
be presented for divorce. The woman’s divorce, or the court believes that it is necessary to accept the man’s divorce request, not in this. Since the divorce of the woman after pregnancy is subject to legal protection, then she would have had this.