8 month 1317 day

8 month 1317 day, with the order of the Phoenix 10 big Bo, visited the Xiangyang city. In spite of the hot weather, the harvest has greatly exceeded my expectations. Originally thought Xiangyang just described in Jin Yong’s novels that Genghis Khan i love cheap jordans wholesale the 4th prince, tolui, long attack of Song Dynasty City, did not expect, Kongming Longzhong is in on the outskirts of the city of Xiangyang. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, said Kongming is Nanyang, in fact, in ancient times, Xiangyang is Nanyang County jurisdiction. Therefore, only Nanyang hole Ming said. According to our current administrative division of Xiangyang, Hubei, Nanyang, Henan, and Xiangyang city is still in longzhong. p the second let I think of is, Xiangyang face Hanjiang River, after the Xiangyang river is very wide, for diverting water from south
Kevin Durant 4 Men Wholesale to north, here the Hanjiang River water quality has been i like lebron james 2014 greatly improved, belonging to the class 2 water quality can directly for drinking. third unexpected is that the city wall of Xiangyang is very generous, and very well preserved. discount kids air jordan shoes The moat is the most wide, Xiangyang so impregnable reputation. Xiangyang city government, said a leader, Xiangyang city wall will be fully restored, in time,
Kevin Durant Men Wholesale in the walls of the above riding a bicy
Mens Kevin Durant Shoes White Light Greencle, you can ride the whole circle. Look inward, you can see the old city at a glance, look out, you can see a i like air jordan shoes men about 1500000 population, economic development is thriving in the second cities of Hubei province. but, in front of these unexpected, can only feel beautiful, spectacular and amazing. And when we visited near Xi Jiachi, I not only of Xi is the surname very interested, but also to be inside the
http://www.aitaqing.cn/plus/view.php?aid=3023 plant, the ancestral hall, landscape, to deeply attracted. This sense of mystery, is to let me feel the most surprising, the i love jordan nubuck men most shocking place. surprises, is Xi pool, covers an area of thousands of acres, is the ancient lords to have the courtyard. The courtyard, also retained for nearly two thousand years, and in this long process of history, have been constantly repaired. so, I felt the history here, had a strong interest in, and visit Kong Minglong in the same strong interest. If say, Longzhong attractive place, is discount lebron james website because Zhuge Liang here lived a full 10 years and very mysterious, then Xi Jiachi, is not mysterious blood relationship with Mr. Xi’s family? I take this question seriously to study the people and things that happened here for two thousand years. tour guide did not hesitate to tell us that the owner of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the name is Xi Yu, he followed Liu Xiu, the establishment of the Eastern Han dynasty. Due to the staff and the active combat, Liu Xiu after the emperor, on the closure of Xi Yu Xiangyang, to guide the party region. p Baidu Encyclopedia, Xi Yu, the words; birthplace, Xiangyang; main achievements, sijung, Xiangyang Hou. With his Han Guangwu Liu Xiujia fortunately Li Hill now Xiangyang Yicheng jurisdiction, dream of Su Lingshan God, Liuxiu because of his active, sealing Xiangyang Hou. Xi Yu is in Su Lingshan established shrines, two deer
Kevin Durant Shoes Wholesale stone carved on the temple on both sides of the front Shinto, people says for lumen temple, Su Lingshan since then renamed lumen mountain. He was in Xiangyang Xian in accordance with the law of Fan Li Shannan, fish pond, a dike pool, a