5 year old children eat too much was forced to take a nap in recent days

5 year old children eat too much was forced to take a nap in recent days, 5 years old, a small million to eat the mother to buy the rice chicken and drink a glass of milk, and then followed her mother went to the kindergarten. At noon to eat, because the teacher said not to waste food, small Wan also ate the lunch. To nap time, small Wan because of eating too much can’t sleep has been moved, the teacher criticized him, and forced him to sleep. The nap time, small million hasn’t woken up, the teacher told him to get up only to find small million has stopped breathing, evacuation hospital
Dennis Rodman Shoes Wholesale rescue invalid death. Doctors diagnosis: Children’s lunch, eat up, and did not digest directly to sleep, leading to the child due to the back of the food, blocking the trachea to death. Children do not do these things before bed to sleep is to allow the body to rest, but if you do these things before going to sleep, but adverse health.
Dennis Rodman Shoes Men Wholesale 1. Before going to bed to eat that many children have the habit of eating before bed, endocrine experts pointed out that the baby before going to bed to eat i love cheap jordans wholesale and digest food will stimulate the increase of digestive juice
Mens Dennis Rodman Shoes Grey Blue, prolong the time of gastrointestinal peristalsis, difficult to i like air jordan shoes men guarantee as soon as possible to enter the deep sleep and affect nocturnal
http://www.theorbstore.com/Blog/lebron-james-2013-features-a-breathable-multi-layer.html growth hormone secretion, discount lebron james website which will affect the growth and development of children. In addition, discount kids air jordan shoes before going to bed to eat too full, not to sleep on sleep, easy to cause the back of the food, the occurrence of such a tragedy like a little. Therefore, the child had just i love jordan nubuck men finished lunch, it is best not to
http://www.aipulin.com/news/html/?174169.html nap, also had better not eat before going to bed at night. Don’t drink too much water before going to bed 2 children before going to bed drink too much water to urinate, it will interfere with the child’s sleep. Some children have the habit of drinking milk before going to bed, in order to avoid Qiye, ahead of the best a little drink, milk is best to use clean water gargle, because milk stains remain prone
Scotty Pippin Shoes Wholesale to tooth decay. 3. Before going to bed, do not eat calcium, vitamin supplements, with some parents before they go to sleep to eat calcium, vitamin supplements, but these will be unnecessary burden to the stomach, which leads to the rest is not good. Before going to bed. Don’t play too intense game before they go to sleep not to play too excited, or let the children too tired, because this will result in increased concentrations of epinephrine to produce the body to fight fatigue, the child but will because of excitement, irritability, impatience and difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, before they go to sleep, don’t play with the kids more intense game, choose puzzles, stories and other more moderate parentchild activities. Before going to bed. Don’t look exciting TV before going to bed watching TV too much stimulation, easy to be over excited children’s brains, causes the child to sleep, but also easy to cause the dream and the next day to get up kids no easy spirit. Therefore, children do not go to bed before the best Altman this kind of more intense, exciting program. Want to know more information about the question and answer? Visitors to visit the blog: 1654180 blog points: 21191 points Bo Wen number: i like lebron james 2014 412 opening hours: 20130517 recommended Bo Wen