416UPThe Next Big Thing

;3?416UPThe Next Big Thing? yes, and Ali had a quick taxi, Didi taxi Tencent shopping mobile Internet O2O poor toss, leader, Tencent this time is more cautious, even up to the literature, animation and other new business entities, profit, only slowly to Tencent mutual entertainment business group to the front of the stage. is currently the basic financial circle there are two kinds of views, one at the end of last year to do Mobile Games: Ali, the first work popping as the name of the game is more like a meteor across the sky left echo, Ali pulled eggs lesson, let Tencent strange business involved in the outside of the game should also try other Xiaomaguohe depth; a: Tencent from ten years ago at the start of the game to make mutual entertainment, just waiting for so many years no successful precedent in mice, desperation had to do it yourself have ample food and clothing. The of these two kinds of views, the penguins must feel wanted them to comment on 500 and then go to the report The author is not to regard it as right, Tencent announced that Pan entertainment strategy as early as in 2012, behind the belated effort is not count. The author thinks, Fengeng mutual entertainment industry, is not a short duration of time, not content to stick users, box like clouds, the content is the Internet Co strengths, missing only a stage play. Tencent clearly understand this, like QQ on the Internet to WeChat in the mobile Internet one, which is behind the QQ show, Qzone, circle of friends and a series of product support. interactive entertainment: the spirit of the Internet kernel driver in the last century, the TV industry era, the other side of the ocean can be said that Disney is the first chair of the interactive entertainment, cartoon character from the big screen to the small screen, and even moved to the line theme park. This logic is not difficult, but why so many traditional entertainment giant, has been blocked in the Internet outside the door, because they do not understand, the spirit of the Internet drive. is the basis of Internet links, the portal era people and information.

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