4 month 28 days

4 month 28 days, Alibaba announced and Yunfeng fund to $1220000000 bought potatoes Youku 721100000 shares of common stock, Alibaba shareholding ratio was 16.5%, Yunfeng fund holdings ratio of 2%. After the completion of the transaction Alibaba will appoint its CEO Lu Zhaoxi joined the board of directors Youku potatoes. for Ali shares Youku, the cheers, most of that will change the pattern of development of Ali shares Youku video industry, contribute to the future of the valuation of listed ali. However, a shark think, slow down. Ali shares Youku, it will profoundly change the video industry competition, the video industry from the previous point of competition into the ecological system of competition, however, rely on the integration of the construction of ecological system is also facing many problems. video industry competition from the point to the ecological system of PK Ali shares Youku video industry, opened the era of competition of family background. BAT giant is fully into the video industry, Baidu through love fantastic art has been in the video industry positioning, Tencent video is frequently heard in the integration of the news, now Ali shares Youku, it is meant to upgrade the competition in the video industry. used in the video industry, the competition is point to point, such as content based on traffic flow based on race or entrance competition. Video industry has been plunged into a vicious spiral burn buy drama, in order to get independent radio drama, video companies fight is the content of the surface, but the essence is the financial strength to fight. Even if the merger Youku potatoes, also felt the capital difficult, Ali’s choice rather than Tencent, is money the composition of some. deep background in the video industry is the Internet giants battle for the living room, entertainment empire dream. In the PC intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, three plant growth slowed, the living room became the next battle. Based on the Internet TV, including entertainment, games, create shopping, home entertainment center, become the Internet giants dream. Internet giants after the war, the video service will no longer be the only video service, is the overall concept of home entertainment is an important part of the video business, which will rise to a higher dimension of competition, the future of the video industry competition will be entertainment ecological system PK. ecological system, integration and self? Construction of entertainment ecological system there are two roads, one is self built, one is on the integration of acquisitions. Two ways, which have more advantages? integrated the advantages of fast track, you can quickly build their own eco system of entertainment, most companies are using this approach. However, relying on the capital by way of integration, because of cultural differences and the gene of strategic understanding of differences, the integration mode of the success rate is relatively low. such as Shanda acquired in 2010 6 cool network, hoping to create entertainment empire, his When the incident. However, because of the internal integration problems.