4 month 11 days

4 month 11 days, this restless spring, an industry to raise the public’s carnival is being staged. On the same day, Suzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, three field and intelligent hardware, the congregation raised related activities at the same time held. The same day, a variety of media industry, what will happen in the hope? Suzhou, Taobao chips combined with creative launched the The one C. The Creative Assembly unveiled the fourth session of Suzhou Expo, announced the launch of a highprofile C incubator program, the future will be to build the 100 grade 1000000 to raise public projects. Hangzhou, all things Internet Conference held by B, 16 floor, invited Ali, Tencent, Baidu Jingdong, this four BAT, although the theme of the conference is a concept, but the topic of discussion with the public to raise related. All the chips are the industry and the media to discuss one of the highest point of the media. Beijing, it is too Firebird held Chinese intelligent hardware Innovation Conference for eggs, the Guinness book of records and hardware products. A round table conference organizers specially arranged for Taobao crowdfunding, Jingdong congregation raised two leader. This will be a collection of investors, to raise public website, the type of media technology, the theme is the hardware, the congregation raised heat. Although did not went to the scene, but the thought of the LiangJia Railway Station in together, so filled with the smell of gunpowder. In November last year, the World Conference on the Internet, said Ma Yunceng Ali to train more Jingdong, and let the company make money. has struggled in the electricity loss quagmire Jingdong is hoping to raise new ways of the side of the raid in the local area, and Ali’s business as an equal, personal roubo. in fact Jingdong crowdfunding is regarded as the core business Jingdong inside, have been considered with ALI, Tencent system difference competitive strategy of BTA platform. And the recently launched to raise public equity, very radical approach. A few days ago, Jingdong even suffered a series of user information leakage, suspected of accepting and selling businesses and workers admit unit single brush three events. In particular, the congregation raised Jingdong occupies a large proportion in the industry. Many people have suspected Jingdong congregation raised the brush single rate? from now Jingdong all the chips and Taobao raise public data, Jingdong 300000000, Taobao 200000000. This distance, in fact is to see who launched the first of several projects to raise public. But Taobao huge user base is Jingdong elusive, it may also be Taobao chips to do things according to their own way where emboldened. For creative people, how to sell things, is the most difficult. But it is the easiest thing for Ali. even in the absence of Taobao congregation, the congregation raised still Jingdong from external pressure. Some of the littleknown to raise public website, is also very hard to compete for the market share of the public to raise. The former is depth reporter Wang Peng, recently launched to raise public start shooting Snow Leopard is planned, the congregation raised the target of 200000, the period of 2 months, did not think 3 days to raise 60000 yuan, totally more than expected. This reflects the characteristics of the industry can be summed up as the congregation raised.